Friday, November 5, 2010

OOO New Toy List and Info

DX Henshin Belt BirthDriver:
Releases- 12/29
Info- The 2nd Rider, Kamen Rider Birth's, henshin belt. Transforms by using the Kani and Sasori Cell Medals. Belt has a Gachapon like sound effect. Birth himself uses construction themed alternate arms (Riderman-esque) including Shovel, Crane, and others. The arms unite into a Scorpion.

Releases- 12/29
Info- Birth's gun weapon.

Sofubi 05 Kamen Rider Birth:
Releases- 12/29
Info- Birth Sofubi Figure

Candroid Series 05 Gorilla Candroid:
Releaes- 12/29
Info- Gorilla type candroid.

Sofubi 06 OOO Tajadoru Combo:
Releases- January
Info- Sofubi fig of OOO Tajadoru Combo

Tajadoru Spinner:
Releases- January
Info- Special weapon for Tajadoru that is attached to the arm of OOO. Comes with Kujaku and Condor medals.

Candroid Series 06 KujakuCandroid:
Releases- January
Info- Peacock type candroid.

Core Medal Case:
Releases- January
Info- Case that Ankh uses in show

OCC 05 OOO Tajadoru Combo:
Releases- February
Info- OCC Tajadoru Fig.

Sofubi 07 OOO Shauta Combo:
Releases- February
Info- Shauto Combo sofubi figure. Shauta Combo is composed of Shachi, Unagi and Tako medals. The Unagi arms utilize an electric whip that lights up, and the Tako legs can split like an octopus, allowing OOO to do a rider kick.

O-Medal Set 3:
Releases- February
Info- Shachi, Unagi and Tako Core Medals

SHF Tatoba Combo:
Releases- February
Info- SHF fig, Tatoba

OOC 06 Kamen Rider Birth:
Releases- March
Info- OOC series of Birth. Comes with all 6 of his alternate weapon arms (ala Riderman). All 6 arms can unite on their own into a Scorpion mecha.

OOC 07 OOO Shauta Combo:
Releases- March
Info- Shauta OOC

Candroid Series 07 PteraCandroid:
Releases- March
Info- Pteranodon type candroid.

SHF OOO Gatakiriba Combo:
Releases- March
Info- Gatakiraba SHF fig

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