Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gobusters Rumors/ Info!

This post will contain all Gobusters info that is coming out:

-Gokaiger VS Gavan has been confirmed, Gobusters are likely to show up in the film, as their debut

-The Gobusters' henshin device is known as the "Mission Paneler" When the "Change Panel" is pushed, the Gobusters suits appear!

-The Gobusters are composed of GobusRed, GobusBlue, GobusYellow, GobusGreen, and GobusWhite. Based on previous info, Green and White may join a little after, or be the rumored "partners" of the main time.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Gokaiger Ep Summaries Confirmed

The Gokaiger part states the following, to the best of my reading abilities:

-Marvelous and the others return to Human World with MachFalcon

-In episode 37 (airing on 11/6) Wals Gil recieves the "Great Wals". This seems to be the weapon rumored to be sent to him by the Emperor.

-Episode 38 seems to be about Marvelous meeting AkaRed inside of an illusion (?)

-Episode 39, as rumored, is the Megaranger episode

-Episode 40, as rumored, is the Timeranger episode, and specifically mentions a message from the future, like the rumors