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Sentai Leaks/Catalogs from the past

This post will strive to maintain a record of all Sentai leaks and catalogs of past years. I shall provide some color commentary as well based on what I remember. Thanks to Sungel for the majority of these images. ShinkenOh image found by EdisonCaine.


Our first image of the Hurricanger came from the TerebiKun preview of the show.


Our first image of the 2003 Sentai team was leaked by unknown sources around November of 2002. Initial rumors actually had a mosasaur as part of the team, but this ended up being a mistake by someone guessing off of AbaRed’s helmet.

2nd Quarter Catalog pick of AbareBlack’s DinoThruster. 

3rd Quarter Catalog pic of Carnoryutas, Chasmoshieldon, and their combo, BakurenOh. 

 3rd Quarter Catalog pic of AbareKiller’s DinoMinder. At the time of the catalog, the rumor was that Killer was going to be a female, in particular, that it would be Jeanne.

 3rd Quarter Catalog pic of the BakuLaser.


The first leak of Dekaranger came to us in a similar fashion as did Abaranger’s. This time, it came from the owner of the Japan Hero website, a fan site back in the day owned by one Jeff Couto, who had an anonymous source send this to him. The original was black and white but someone was able to correctly color it; forget who.

Dekaranger had a lot of leaks directly from the PLEX office. This was similar to leaks we had in both Hurricanger and Magiranger. Here we got a 360 view of the BreaThrottle. If memory serves, this image in particular got the leaker fired from PLEX, for obvious reasons.

Cover of the 1st Toy Catalog for Deka. Believe it or not, our first image for Dekaranger outside of the leak was a pic of DekaRed in one of the magazines.

Pic of DekaBreak from what I believe was the 3rd Quarter Toy Catalog. Pretty sure we had pics of him and DekaBike along with the leaked image of the BreaThrottle.


Our first leaked image of Magiranger came as a set with what was then known as “Ongeki Rider Hibiki”. The art for Magiranger has slightly more ornate markings than what shows up on the physical suits, though I think the lines are still there.

1st Quarter Toy Catalog image of the robots. Magiranger is one of the only times we had 2 robots shown off in the first quarter.

Art of MagiKing and MagiPhoenix from the 1st Quarter Catalog.

Art of the MagiPhone and MagiStick from the 1st Quartet Catalog.

Info page or possibly the cover from the 3rd Quarter Catalog. MagiShine really baffled people when he was revealed, what with his train and Smokey and magic carpet and lamp.

3rd Quarter Catalog pics of the Grip Phone and Travelion. Magiranger experimented with having a core change gimmick, and while all robots were capable, this only really happened in the show with Barikion.

Before the 4th quarter catalog was posted, we got a set of serious leaks from Magiranger. This showed us our first look at Legend Modes and weaponry, WolzaPhone and a completely different MagiLegend design that was black and gold with a gryphon mode. (Would love to track down this image.) The WolzaPhone made us all think Wolzard would gain a ranger form, and while that ended up kind of being true, it was not involved. 


I forgot what our actual first image of Boukenger was- might have been a leaked press photo. In any case, the 1st toy catalog above was our first real look at everything. 

BoukenSilver got kind of leaked out prior to the 3rd quarter catalog. Source unknown but it looks like something Gashapon-esque.

Part of the 3rd quarter catalog; this introduced us to the Silver arsenal as well as some other things.

Our first real leaks of Geki didn’t come until right before Catalog release, where we got a sketch of GekiRed.

Along with Kiva (originally called Vlad) on Halloween, we had pretty big leaks relating to Go-Onger. These came by way of a user on 2ch (now 5ch) who called themselves Sausage-San. Implication is that the guy worked at Primaham and as such, got access to third-party press materials. The one big leak was a design pic of EnjinOh, at that time known as “GoOnGa.”

Like the year before, Sausage-San leaked pictures of Decade and Shinkenger. We got a lot more from Shinkenger, and most pics were found.

Following a series of hints (planets and the letter y) leading us to believe we’d be getting a space season, it turned out the planets hinted at elemental kanji, and the y hinted at the kimono design of the Shinkenger suits. Sausage-San started by leaking out the helmet designs, and this was then followed by the full team pic. 

Can’t remember if the full team pic was also from Sausage-San, but the pics he leaked were definitely from that same source. Before this point people thought Yellow was a male and thought blue would be evil. Second part ended up coming true, but just for an episode.

Leaked pic of ShinkenOh from Sausage-san. From my memory, we had no name for it, just that it was the main robot.
Leaked pic of the ShoudouPhone from Sausage-San. If I’m remembering correctly, we actually had an earlier, less visible version. Sausage-San ended up getting fired post Shinkenger, likely for leaking too much. This caused some fake leakers to copy his style for Goseiger “leaks.” 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


First off, thank you to all entries in the contest.
While everyone can’t be a winner, we fortunately do have prizes for
everyone, thanks to Tokullectibles!

And now, for the winners:

Progrise Key Contest Winner:
Kamen Rider Victory by Msquared

-will receive a Progrise Key at random, and as a bonus,
Some RideWatches

RyuSoul Contest Winner:
MureSoul by Koma603

-will receive the Movie/Uranai RyuSoul Set, and as a bonus
Some other RyuSouls

All other Contest entrants will receive either RyuSouls or RideWatches,
depending on their entries. If there are extra items available, they will be
added as extra prizes accordingly.

Runner Ups Are As Follows:
Kamen Rider Compound 7 by MaskedBluey9999
Kamen Rider Glacia by Piplupm
Kamen Rider Raiden by MachPhantom
Kamen Rider Genbu by KRDragoon
Kamen Rider Cipher by DTW_Altair
Kamen Rider Genus by WhyYesImAFurry
Kamen Rider Mobius by Kamen_King
Kamen Rider Surudoi by IWAEWoz
Kamen Rider Yuusha by Krider111
Kamen Rider Corinth by MarkTheWhovian
Kamen Rider Neptune by Duel_Dude
Kamen Rider Spiral by Takuyuya23
Kamen Rider Shon by Malunis
Kamen Rider Quill by TCT Studios
Kamen Rider Spec by Soul Vizer

GlueSoul by BubKebab
MajiMajiSoul by PRCartoons

Please claim your prizes by private messaging @Tokullectibles on Twitter, and giving your email. You will then receive a prompt email to fill out delivery info. Addresses must be inside the domestic U.S. You have until next Tuesday to claim your prizes (Aug 27th.) After next Tuesday, prizes may be revoked.

-Matt Hunt (Dukemon)

Monday, July 22, 2019


Hey all, thanks to @Tokullector on twitter (Tokullectibles), and just in time for the summer toku movies, we are running a pair of new contests!

Please check out the rules below!!

Contest A- Show Your RyuSoul! Contest: Design your own RyuSoul! Show us both the Soul and Knight modes, detail its power set, and if you feel like it, pair it with your own armor/mecha designs. Leaked sounds are not allowed as a basis for your design, please be original!!
Contest B- Progrise Your Own Rider! Contest: Design your own Zero-One Rider! You can use the Zero-One Driver, ShotRiser, ForceRiser or your own belt as a base, but, your Rider must be an original animal/insect not yet seen in the toy line. Be as creative as you want, and feel free to list their attacks/ character traits/abilities, etc. Rules:
-Entries must be submitted by tagging @TheRealMattHunt on twitter, and using the hashtag, #RyuSoulCool for Contest A, and the hashtag #ReiwaIchigo for Contest B. -Entrants are allowed to enter 1 contest only, so please decide which one is best for you!
-This contest is only open to US Residents -Entrants must not use existing sounds/animals/mechs as a basis for their designs
-No inappropriate entries! Remember, these are things that would be theoretically used on kids tv programming.
-Any entries/questions that fall into a "gray area" will be judged as we see fit at the time of entry. If you are disqualified, we will explain why and, assuming there is time, allow you another chance to enter. -Contest duration will be be a period of 3 weeks, starting from tomorrow. (23JUL-13AUG) after which, finalists will be selected. Further rounds may be conducted as tie breakers if we see fit.


  • Grand Prize Winner of Contest A will win a Ryusoulger Movie Soul/Uranai Soul Set. Runner-ups will win a randomized RyuSoul.
  • Grand Prize Winner of Contest B will win a randomized Zero-One Progrise Key. Runner-ups will win a randomized RideWatch.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

#RumorMe2018 Prize Winners!

Congrats to everyone, you really did an amazing job. The prizes were chosen based on votes, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY my own judgement, and how well I felt people matched my request for the contest. Please claim your prizes by direct messaging me on twitter. Prizes will be sent out following the March release of the toys; I will request your address and other information via direct message on twitter. It may take a bit for them to get to you, but I WILL get them to you.


Will receive any 1 item of their choice from the Ryuusoulger 1st Quarter. This does not include sets (such as KishiRyuOh 3 Knights and RyusoulChanger/RyusoulKen set.) I will cover up to $20 for shipping.



Can choose between Triken and Ankyloze, TigerLance, MilNeedle or the RyusoulChanger. I will cover up to $15 for shipping.


Can choose between either RyuSoul Set 1 or RyuSoul Set 2. I will cover up to $10 for shipping.



Will recieve 1 Gashapon or Candy RyuSoul at random. I will cover up to $10 for shipping.

I will try my best to conduct another contest in the future!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

#RumorMe2018 Finalists, How to Vote, and Updated Prizes

To begin, I just want to apologize for not being able to live stream this as planned. Perhaps we will crown the winner through live stream; we'll see.

Second, I've decided to do a 2nd and 3rd place. Here is the explanation of the prizes as per the current posting:

Grand Prize Winner:

Will receive any 1 item of their choice from the Ryuusoulger 1st Quarter. This does not include sets (such as KishiRyuOh 3 Knights and RyusoulChanger/RyusoulKen set.) I will cover up to $20 for shipping.

2nd Prize Winner:

Can choose between Triken and Ankyloze, TigerLance, MilNeedle or the RyusoulChanger. I will cover up to $15 for shipping.

3rd Prize Winner:

Can choose between either RyuSoul Set 1 or RyuSoul Set 2. I will cover up to $10 for shipping.

7 Runner-Ups:

Will recieve 1 Gashapon or Candy RyuSoul at random. I will cover up to $10 for shipping.


And now....the final 10:

First off, I just want to thank everyone for submitting such amazing entries. I enjoyed reading every single one. I picked the final 10 based on the following criteria:
-Making their idea read/look like a real catalog listing that Bandai would put out

If you were not picked, it doesn't mean your ideas were bad. It just means I didn't resonate with them as strongly as the 10 people below. I encourage EVERYONE to continue to develop their ideas, as we may be doing this again next year. The numbers here are not indicative of any ranking; they are being listed in the order recieved!








8). AKUMA SENTAI SEISHINGER by @Bauerlogan02:


10). GENSHA SENTAI GEKISOUGER by @Aaronsoulger:



I need your help to decide who gets what prize. Post a comment to this post with your pick (either the title of their sentai or their username) and explain why you're picking them. I will tally the count next week, and announce who gets what. I will be taking your votes into serious consideration, but the final decision will of course be mine to make. 

Voting will go until 1/23/19. Make sure to get your votes in!

Thanks again for being a part of this really amazing contest. 


Monday, December 10, 2018

Dukemon's First Annual "Rumor Me" Contest- WIN A RYUUSOUGER TOY FROM QUARTER 1!!

@TheRealMattHunt/Dukemon's 2,000 Follower Ryuusouger Giveaway!!
aka The "Rumor Me" Challenge.

I am so, unbelievably grateful that you all follow me and support
the fandom in the many ways you do. With our new series announced,
and the catalog out, I've decided to do a little giveaway contest on twitter
as a thank you. But I didn't just want to pick names out of a hat;
this fandom is exceedingly talented when it comes to making up their
own ranger teams, so I thought a contest would be a bit more fun.

The Challenge:
Make up a first quarter toy catalog listing for your own Super

The Prize:
Winner or Winners will be able to choose one toy from the Ryuusouger
1st Quarter Catalog, and yours truly, will buy it for you! (I will also cover
up to $20 in shipping. Any more than that, you would need to cover
that difference.)
**3 Knights Set and Saikyou RyuuSou Set are not included in this offer, as they are sets comprised of other, individually listed, toys**

Ideally, there will be 1 grand prize winner, but under certain
conditions,I may choose to award the grand prize to up to 3 people.

The Rules:
1). Your catalog can be as wild and as crazy as you want it to be, but,
it must be family friendly! (Let's be rangerly please)
While definitely not required, feel free to add fanart
if that's your thing; explainer videos, etc. if that's how
you fit into the fandom. Basically, show me you, in the form
of your own Super Sentai catalog!

2). Remember to restrict this to the first quarter of your fan-based
sentai. No auxiliary/extra rangers, though of course, your
core team can be any number of rangers you want, and you can feel
free to throw in some auxiliary mecha to your liking. Villains
can be included if they are villains who would receive toys.

3). Dragons, Dinosaurs or Knights are not allowed. This is to avoid confusing
people looking for Ryuusouger info. As such, the contest will be
posted exclusively via twitter and with the special hashtag, #RumorMe2018
*You may use these themes within your overall motif, if they are just limited to one ranger/mecha. 
A team of them is not allowed. 

4). You must be a follower of my twitter to be eligible to win.

5). One Entry Per User! 

How Does the Winner(s) get chosen?:
Contest entry period will be open from 15DEC, and will close on 15JAN.
Entries must tag @TheRealMattHunt with #RumorMe2018 as the hashtag.
All entries will be shared by me on my twitter, so others can see
your awesome ideas.

I will go over the entries and judge the 10 best (or less, if we
happen to get less). From there, I will do a live stream to present
all 10, and followers watching can vote on which one they think is
best. The ultimate decision will be mine, but I will definitely
take the voting into account.

The top 1, or up to 3, if there's a tie, get their toy of choice
from the Ryuusouger 1st quarter. The remaining members of the 
finalists will get runner up prizes.  

*Please note, winners are not guaranteed to get their prizes at the time of toy release, due to the chance of stores being sold out, etc. I will do my best to get you the toys in a timely manner, and once the winners are chosen, I will put in a preorder for them. 

I guess all that's left to say is....

Image result for show me what you got rick and morty

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Thank You Power Rangers

I apologize in advance if this sounds a little sappy:

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers. For 25 years, the show has thrived, more often than not against the odds, and is only now really coming into the mainstream thanks to efforts by the likes of Boom Studios and HyperRPG. For those who aren't fans of the brand, it may seem like some silly little TV show (and let's face it, at times it is just that), but to people like me who've been watching it since its inception, it's a way of life; it's our true north. I think without Power Rangers, I might not be here right now, and that's not hyperbole.

I can only speak from my own experience- as a kid, I felt really alone. "Weird." I always had an interest in things other people did not (had a love for dinosaurs and frogs as a kid) and didn't really have any social skills to build friendships past the ones my parents decided for me. I was lonely, but as a kid, you really don't know how to put that into words. I was the outcast; the big-boned, let's just say overweight to save time, outcast. I think without this show, I would have very easily become a bully. I would have easily gone from "weirdo" to "dangerous."

My life changed the week of August 28th, 1993. I didn't catch Power Rangers from the beginning. I think I maybe saw episode 4 or 5 first. All I remember is Trini and Billy calling forth their zords. Here were teens (which at the tender age of 4, may as well have been 50-year-olds) with positive values, in multicolor costumes, riding around in giant dinosaur robots. It was everything 4-year-old me could have wanted. I think right off the bat I empathized with Billy. He was a nerd, like me. He liked science like me, and also like me, he didn't really fit in. But he had this group of friends. And there wasn't any judgment because he was "weird." They were friends, and that's all that mattered.

And it's didn't stop with Billy. When Tommy joined the show, I once again saw an outsider become an insider. Even Bulk and Skull, whom I relate to to this day, were accepted by the rangers. They were weird, they were goofs, and they were bullies, but they were still accepted as people. Diversity is the big movement now in entertainment. Power Rangers was there before everyone else, and it will continue to be diverse, to be accepting, no matter what anyone throws at it. I was reminded of this recently at Morphicon; where fans of all colors cheered when they realized the new team had more persons of color than not. What other fandom can you say that about across the board?

I've known plenty of people in my life who have gone down the wrong path, and it's thanks to Power Rangers I'm not one of them. It's thanks to this show that I was able to overcome my own fears and surround myself with a circle of friends I am proud to call part of my family. It's thanks to this show I have found my passion in life through acting and Japanese culture. In many ways, it has given everything to me. So thank you Power Rangers. Thank you for showing me it's okay to be weird, and still search for your place in the world. Here's to another 25 years!