Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Juuouger Rumors/Musings from 2Chan and 2ch

Many, many rumors are bounding about Juuouger, because the possibilities are endless when dealing with pure animal series. An interesting (and realistic rumors) popped up on 2chan recently, giving options for each ranger color. Please take anything below with a grain of salt:

Rumors from 10/14:
Red- Gorilla or Elephant or Man (Lion is always a stand by as well)

Blue- Whale (Shark or Dolphin having been done before)

Yellow- Giraffe or Tiger

Pink- Flamingo

Green- Crocodile or Lizard

A new color was mentioned, "Gun Metal" and with it, a Bat mecha.

Possible Robo Names:

Rumors from 10/15:

-Collection Items for this year will be known as "KibaHolders" (Fang Holders)

-Juuouger will be a "follow-up series" to Gaoranger. 

-Pink will be a princess, known as the "JuuOujou" (Beast Princess.) 
Earlier, a rumor was listed that "astronaut" and "princess" were keywords of this series. 

More rumors to come.