Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO New Toys List + New OOO Info + New W Info

Tajadoru Fan Conception:

Kamen Rider Birth Henshin Belt:
Releases- 12/29
Description- N/A

Tajadoru Power Up Arms:
Releases- January
Description- Round-ish Bowgun


O-Medal Case:
Releases- February
Description- Aluminum Case for Medals

O-Medal Set 3:
Releases in- March
Description- Medals for Kamen Rider Birth


-The Dinosaur Greed's name is Gil (Giru). It seems Gil betrayed his fellow Greeds.

-Kamen Rider Birth uses artificial Core Medals to transform, called "Cell Core Medals".

-It would seem the upcoming movie, Birth somehow helps OOO achieve Tajadoru Combo (remember it was rumored to be a "special" Taka medal, so maybe OOO uses one of Birth's Cell Core Medals.) The transformation to Tajadoru leaves Birth unable to utilize his own armor, so OOO lends him Mezuru's Core Medals, allowing Birth to achieve Shauta combo, armed with a whip weapon.

-If there was any doubt, the voice of Ankh (I guess they mean in Greed Form) will still be provided by Miura Ryousuke

-Some thought OOO's Dinosaur Form would be his Final Form. It is not.


-W's V-Cinema spinoff, ironically, will be split into 3 parts. The first part dealing with Accel, the 2nd with Eternal, and the 3rd with OOO. (Shades of Cho Den-O no?) W himself (themselves lol?)will only be appearing in the final chapter, the OOO chapter.

-There is word that this is not a V-Cinema at all, and will be released in the theatres. (Go check A to Z's profit, this isn't that strange at all. Movie Wars '11 is going to be gangbusters as well.)

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