Monday, April 10, 2017

Kyuranger Catalog 3 Scans!

In July, a new "Red" appears! His identity is HououSoldier! And in September, ShishiRed will use the powers of the 9 Kyuranger to ascend into his new form, ShishiRedOrion.

HououSoldier's mecha, the HououVoyager. Combined with the HououStation and HououBase, it can transform into GigantHouOh. When GigantHouOh utilizes the other Voyagers' KyuTama and ShishiVoyager as a body, it becomes the mighty KyutamaJin. (Kyutama God)

To transform and fight, HououSoldier utilizes the HououBlade and HououShield to "Come on the Change!!" Like the SeizaBlaster and RyuTsueider it is also used to summon his mecha and combine.

Included in KyuTama Set SP are #14, Tokei (which is dual colored and can be used to alter time), #89 (Argo), and #34 Kaminoke.

In the movie, a Voyager with the power of 3 will appear, the Cerberus Voyager. When combined with 4 other voyagers, it can become  Cerberios.

Utilizing the Saikou KyuTama, Lucky is able to combine the powers of all 9 Kyuranger and ascend into the Orion form.