Monday, December 7, 2015

Juuouger Pics

Our Rangers and JuuOhCubes. Explanation of the Animal Theme w/Cube Motif.

Our main robot, JuuOhKing!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

(RUMOR) Leaked Robo Costumes for Juuouger?!

Seen above are what appears to be JuuohCubes for Eagle, Elephant and Lion. The left is definitely part of the suit for JuuOhWild.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

JuuOuGer toy list- Previous Toy List False, New List below! A 6 MEMBER TEAM!

Team is apparently a 6 member set-up. Colors are supposedly per the original rumor- Red is Eagle, Blue is Shark, Yellow is Lion, Green is Elephant, White is Tiger. Gorilla will be Black.

Releasing in February:

JuuOhCube 1 2 3 Doubutsu Gattai DX JuuOhKing
(Combined from CubeEagle, CubeShark and CubeLion)

JuuOh Cube Weapon Doubutsu Buki CubeKirin
(Giraffe weapon)

DX JuuOhChanger

DX JuuOhBuster

DX EagRiser

Sentai Hero Series:

Rangers 1-5 (JuuOhEagle, JuuOhShark, JuuOhLion, JuuOhElephant, JuuOhTiger, JuuOhGorilla)

Releasing in March:

JuuOhCube 4 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeElephant

JuuOhCube 5 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeTiger

JuuOhCube Mini Series
(JuuOuEagle w/Cube Eagle, JuuOhShark figure w/CubeShark, JuuOhLion figure w/CubeLion

JuuOhEagle and JuuOhGorilla Mask Set

JuuOhEagle and JuuOhGorilla Narikiri Sets

Super Sentai Hero Series 06 JuuOhGorilla

Releasing in April:
JuuOhCube 6 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeGorilla

JuuOhCube 4 5 6 Doubutsu Gattai JuuOhWild Set
(Combination of Elephant, Tiger and Gorilla)
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Juuouger Mercandise/Toy List (Rumor)

Please see below for the rumored toy list for Juuouger; grains of salt please:


Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger Sentai Hero Series 1-5
Price- 800 yen each
Description- Sofubi figure for all 5 Juuouger

Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger Punch Fighter
Price- 2,400 yen
Description- blow up punching bag (as per every year)

Kyarrachi! Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger
Price- 1,800 yen
Description- Apparel for Juuouger (non-toy related, likely a wrist watch)

Henshin Choujuu DX Ocarinas (Transformation Wildlife DX Ocarinas)
Price- 4,980 yen
Description- Henshin device, possibly for the first 3 rangers. "Choujuu" with the characters used, means "wildlife". Separately, the characters are "bird" and "beast." Seems to be an Ocarina (like Link
uses from Zelda.)

Zangeki Inu GittaGuitar (Slashing Dog GittaGuitar)
Price- 4,000 yen
Description- Apparently, a guitar/sword weapon in the motif of a Dog. Likely the team weapon. Like the transformation device, it is a musical instrument.

Oukan Dash DX Buckle Monkey (Crown Dash DX Buckle Monkey)
Price- 2,500 yen
Description- Belt Buckle for the Juuouger. Will hold this year's collectibles, called "JuuouKan", or "Beast Crowns." In the motif of a monkey.

King Animal Series 01-02 Doubutsu Gattai DX Juuoujin & KingTiger Set
Price- Undecided
Description- Apparently, a set of four mecha. The core 3 forming Juuoujin, with KingTiger belonging to the 4th ranger.

Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger Dream Safari Board Game
Price- 3,980 yen
Description- Unknown, though likely unrelated to the main toy line, and just a board game of some kind.

JuuouKan Set 01
Price- 750 yen
Description- First set of JuuouKan

King Animal Series 03 KingRhinos
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- 5th King Animal released. Likely for the 5th ranger.

King Animal Series 01-03 Doubutsu Gattai DX ChouJuuoujin
Price- Undecided
Description- Combination of all 5 ranger mecha. The Super Combo for this year.


King Animal Series 04 KingGorilla
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- Gorilla Type Auxiliary Mecha

King Animal Series 05 KingGator
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- Alligator Type Auxiliary Mecha

JuuouKan Set 02
Price- 750 yen
Description- Second set of JuuouKan

Henshin DenHane ZubatPhone (Transformation Electric Wing ZubatPhone)
Price- 4,980 yen
Description- Apparently the henshin device for the 4th and 5th Juuouger

Juuouger Narikiri Buki Set  (Juuouger Personal Roleplay Weapons set)
Price- 3,800 yen
Descriptions- Apparently a set of indivdual weapons for the rangers

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Current Juuouger Rumor Summary

As next week is the schedule Bandai meeting for wholesalers, I thought now would be a good time to summarize the rumors so far. As always PLEASE TAKE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT:

-Team will be 3+2

-Red will be an eagle, Yellow a lion, Blue a shark, Green an Elephant, White a Tiger. Blue and White will be female.

-Main robot will be composed of the 5 animal mecha, and a central core robot which will use the animals as armor. The idea of the series is "people using the power of animals."

-The series mecha will be animals, but have a "consumer appliance" motif.

-The helmets will have a "footprint" motif. 

-The design has been remarked as "cool meets corny." The helmets are intricately designed, whereas the torso is  fairly plain, except with an animal head design in the center. It has the appearence of a t-shirt.

-Early TerebiKun spoilers were posted by one 2ch user. The tagline used is as follows:
"Konna Hero Mitakotonai", "We've never seen heroes like these before!" The designs seem
to be closer to Kamen Rider than usual. A "four pointed" mask was noted.

Stay tuned for more rumors, and confirmed information/pics!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Juuouger Rumors/Musings from 2Chan and 2ch

Many, many rumors are bounding about Juuouger, because the possibilities are endless when dealing with pure animal series. An interesting (and realistic rumors) popped up on 2chan recently, giving options for each ranger color. Please take anything below with a grain of salt:

Rumors from 10/14:
Red- Gorilla or Elephant or Man (Lion is always a stand by as well)

Blue- Whale (Shark or Dolphin having been done before)

Yellow- Giraffe or Tiger

Pink- Flamingo

Green- Crocodile or Lizard

A new color was mentioned, "Gun Metal" and with it, a Bat mecha.

Possible Robo Names:

Rumors from 10/15:

-Collection Items for this year will be known as "KibaHolders" (Fang Holders)

-Juuouger will be a "follow-up series" to Gaoranger. 

-Pink will be a princess, known as the "JuuOujou" (Beast Princess.) 
Earlier, a rumor was listed that "astronaut" and "princess" were keywords of this series. 

More rumors to come.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Long Time No See/2016 Sentai Rumors Begin

Hey all,
It's that time of the year again- copyrights should be released soon for the next Super Sentai.
Before we get to that, I just want to apologize for not updating the blog more often. Things have been busy with work and real life, but I'm getting the hang of juggling things, so hopefully I'll be able to update more often. Okay, on to the rumors.

Murmurings on the Japanese boards have pointed to next year's motif being "Space + Insects" (Uchuu + Muchuu)

As usual, please take this with a grain of salt. You are welcome to re-post the information as long as you make it clear that this is a rumor, and in no way factual news.

As for my personal remarks on the validity of this:

-Fourze used space as its theme, so it could be a nice little nod depending on what they decide to do with the make of the show

-Most anniversary series have had something to do with space, however small. Still, Super Sentai has never had a true space-themed series.

-Even though Ghost is likely inspired by a Firefly, the Rider designs do not resemble bugs; neither have the last couple of rider shows, which from what we know, should free up Sentai to use these themes.

-Insects are a hard sell for PLEX, whose designs are mostly based on a "transforming cube" concept. (The insects/arachnids that have appeared as mecha in Super Sentai were usually either weaponry, or in the case of the Gouraiger machines, tanks with insect motifs.)

If the rumor holds, we could see various space faring machines with different insect motifs. In recent years, we've seen PLEX attempt to move into more complex individual mecha. Both Space and Insects are two things that are sort of easy sells with the core audience, and would be a sensible follow up to dinosaurs, trains, and ninja.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, July 9, 2015