Monday, December 10, 2018

Dukemon's First Annual "Rumor Me" Contest- WIN A RYUUSOUGER TOY FROM QUARTER 1!!

@TheRealMattHunt/Dukemon's 2,000 Follower Ryuusouger Giveaway!!
aka The "Rumor Me" Challenge.

I am so, unbelievably grateful that you all follow me and support
the fandom in the many ways you do. With our new series announced,
and the catalog out, I've decided to do a little giveaway contest on twitter
as a thank you. But I didn't just want to pick names out of a hat;
this fandom is exceedingly talented when it comes to making up their
own ranger teams, so I thought a contest would be a bit more fun.

The Challenge:
Make up a first quarter toy catalog listing for your own Super

The Prize:
Winner or Winners will be able to choose one toy from the Ryuusouger
1st Quarter Catalog, and yours truly, will buy it for you! (I will also cover
up to $20 in shipping. Any more than that, you would need to cover
that difference.)
**3 Knights Set and Saikyou RyuuSou Set are not included in this offer, as they are sets comprised of other, individually listed, toys**

Ideally, there will be 1 grand prize winner, but under certain
conditions,I may choose to award the grand prize to up to 3 people.

The Rules:
1). Your catalog can be as wild and as crazy as you want it to be, but,
it must be family friendly! (Let's be rangerly please)
While definitely not required, feel free to add fanart
if that's your thing; explainer videos, etc. if that's how
you fit into the fandom. Basically, show me you, in the form
of your own Super Sentai catalog!

2). Remember to restrict this to the first quarter of your fan-based
sentai. No auxiliary/extra rangers, though of course, your
core team can be any number of rangers you want, and you can feel
free to throw in some auxiliary mecha to your liking. Villains
can be included if they are villains who would receive toys.

3). Dragons, Dinosaurs or Knights are not allowed. This is to avoid confusing
people looking for Ryuusouger info. As such, the contest will be
posted exclusively via twitter and with the special hashtag, #RumorMe2018
*You may use these themes within your overall motif, if they are just limited to one ranger/mecha. 
A team of them is not allowed. 

4). You must be a follower of my twitter to be eligible to win.

5). One Entry Per User! 

How Does the Winner(s) get chosen?:
Contest entry period will be open from 15DEC, and will close on 15JAN.
Entries must tag @TheRealMattHunt with #RumorMe2018 as the hashtag.
All entries will be shared by me on my twitter, so others can see
your awesome ideas.

I will go over the entries and judge the 10 best (or less, if we
happen to get less). From there, I will do a live stream to present
all 10, and followers watching can vote on which one they think is
best. The ultimate decision will be mine, but I will definitely
take the voting into account.

The top 1, or up to 3, if there's a tie, get their toy of choice
from the Ryuusouger 1st quarter. The remaining members of the 
finalists will get runner up prizes.  

*Please note, winners are not guaranteed to get their prizes at the time of toy release, due to the chance of stores being sold out, etc. I will do my best to get you the toys in a timely manner, and once the winners are chosen, I will put in a preorder for them. 

I guess all that's left to say is....

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