Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Birth, embodying Ryuuga apparently.


-Mezuru and Gameru will be defeated, but seem to revive

-Birth has a "Gun Metabase". He is green in color. He attains his "Crane Arm" in the movie.

-It is unknown at what point the Nobunaga movie takes place in OOO, but it is definitely not anytime soon

-Kazari will meet up with Maki, they may work together

-There doesn't seem to be an actual Cokawani combo. Instead, the form may actual be weaponry-based. (new weapons for OOO)

-Gil, the dinosaur Greed, is a special character. There is a reason why he is not with the others currently.

-Shauta Combo will see its debut next year

-There is a lot more to come from OOO


-Gameru sacrifices himself for Mezuru, trading his remaining Core Medals to Ankh for Mezuru's.

-A 5th Greed will appear. This Greed, Rusheru, is the "Mother of the Greeds". She seems to have more Core Medals.

-Kamen Rider Birth is actually Kazari, or more specifically, the human that Kazari chose. Kazari achieves this by forming a pact with Kougami's technology side.

-Ankh isn't a Greed at all. He's a Yummy. Somewhere else, the true Ankh exists, and he has 5 Core Medals with him.

-Kougami and Maki's plans are to revive the original OOO, possibly using Eiji as a "container" for his revival. This OOO would become "Artificial Greed, No. 3"



-Commander Dopant Appears.

-"Accel Booster" appears. This is an item that upgrades the Accel Memory and lets Ryuu attain and maintain the Yellow Accel form. The Commander Dopant will use this item too.


-Ice Dopant and Utopia Dopants appear

-The chapter serves as backstory to Never, not just Daido. and as such takes place before A to Z. Here, we find NEVER in a mission to a town composed of ESPers. Daido has in his control the T1 version of the Eternal Memory, but his transformation is unstable. He gains a new form, "Kamen Rider Eternal Red Flare" which is a red Eternal.

-Apparently, W appears briefly in this chapter, but has no real contact with anybody. It's just a cameo. (He is set to appear in the OOO Chapter.)


-Details unknown. W is supposed to appear in this.


- A sentai whose powers allow them to transform into past generations Sentai Warriors!

-When the occassion arrives where male colors must become females (and vice-a-versa) a skirt is attached. (I so called this!!!)

-Red's mecha is a Pirate Ship.

-The Gattai Robo has a pirate hat, and a cannon attached (to his arm possibly?)

-The Gattai Robo has "Rekidai Modes" (Past Generation Modes) "ShinkenOh Mode" has been confirmed.

-More info at the end of next month.


-The Gokaiger's mentor and support character will be their commander, "Mirage Tantou" (essentially Commander/Chief Mirage.) He is described as having "no color", which to me means he's just not a ranger, but we'll see.

-Rival rangers show up. They are a combo team, black and white.


  1. "今のところオーズ編は聞いてません" it says he hasn't heard about an OOO chapter.
    It's not Ice Dopant, if it was Ice the original text would say "アイス" and not "アイズ". It's Eyes Dopant.

  2. Huh?! Kazari is Birth?! I did not see that coming!