Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Post in a while/Go-Busters' new direction!

Low ratings? Creative differences? Merely story progression? Whatever reason you decide to go with, Go-Busters will be getting an update with Episode 28.

-A new theme song, "Morphin'! Movin'! Bustersship!" (which sounds like it could be the opening to a Gundam series)

-A "Full Dance Version" of the current ending, adding Jin and J to the mix

 Messiah will evolve into a physical form, and it looks like it's time for a showdown.

 Great Go-Buster taking on multiple villains.

 Because Cross-Promotion is awesome-sauce, Gavan Type-G will make his way to the Go-Busters World (Decade Terminology eh?) to help out the Busters in their fight against a very Maaku-seeming villain. Will Toei up the anti and explain how the Go-Busters get to VS Gavan to fight Basco? I can only hope.

 As previously pictured, the Go-Busters will power up, into the "Powered Custom" forms, which resemble their Buddyroids' armors. If you haven't seen the forms yet, they're pretty cool looking.

On the left, Wizard in a Dragon-fused state (Flame Dragon), on the right, The Powered Custom Go-Busters, and the newest additional to the arsenal, TategamiRaiOh.

Unrelated to the show (at least in any meaningful way) Go-Busters will get a special tv mag dvd, entitled Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS BeetBuster VS J. Although only rumored before, this scan confirms that Enter will don the guise of BeetBuster, and with an awesome villain cape to boot!