Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Rider Series Rumors (2012-2013)

From 2ch poster who previously divulged the first info on Cosmic States, Meteor Storm, and BeetBuster and StagBuster:

"Ideas are being tossed around regarding using Tablets and Smart Phones. A name has not yet been decided on, and a lot of things are likely to change."

The poster adds that since it is so early in the game, it may turn out to be untrue when we finally do get info. But that's the name of the game. It's a rumor, take with grain of salt. I personally have to thank the poster for posting the info and images that he did. Stay tuned for more on the new rider.

Friday, February 3, 2012


-GoBusterOh will use the Super 1 and Super 3 Switch. Because Bandai wants your money.

-OOO Key Set, Hurricanger Key Set, Boukenger Key Set, Dekaranger Key Set, Gekiranger Key Set, Go-Buster Key Set 2 (Beet, Stag, New Buddy)

-A new, human character, transforms into the gold BeetBuster, while a new, Buddyroid, transforms into the silver StagBuster.

-The duo transforms via the MorphinBlaster, a cell phone-to-gun weapon

-The weapon of choice is the "DriBlade", a gold-and-silver sword that can turn into a steering wheel for the cockpit

-A special Transpod will be released for the two new busters

-Mecha are sillouhetted, beetle and stag types. Look to combine with Ace, or BusterOh

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd Toy Catalogue Info

From Go-Busters:

-New Busters, StagBuster and HeatBuster (probably BeetBuster), colored Gold and Silver

From Fourze:


FoodRoid 06 Nagejyaroika:
Price- 2,625 yen
-Comes with Switch #37, Gyro

Legend Rider Switch Set 01:
Price- 1,260 yen
-First Set consisting of Legend Rider Switches

FMCS-06 Kamen Rider Meteor Storm
Price- 2,415 yen
-FMCS Meteor Storm figure


Cosmic Module BarizunSword
Price- N/A
-Cosmic States' weapon. Name is probably a nod to Harrison Ford

Astro Switch Set Cosmic Switch:
Price- 1,890 yen
-Switch that transforms Fourze into Cosmic States.

HakkouKaiten DX Meteor Storm Shaft:
Price- 3,990 yen
-Meteor Storm's weapon, and likely his powerup item

Legend Rider Switch Set 02:
Price- 1,680 yen
-Second Set consisting of Legend Rider Switches

Legend Rider Switch Set 03:
Price- 1,680 yen
-Third Set consisting of Legend Rider Switches

Narikiri Action Rocket Module:
Price- 3,990 yen
-Likely Fourze's Rocket arm!

FMCS-SP Fourze Base States and Module SP Set:
Price- 6,090 yen
-Sounds like an FMCS Fourze with all the power-up weapons


Astro Switch EX Drill Switch Super 3:
Price- 1,575 yen
Transforms Fourze into a movie special form, like Rocket States, called "Drill States". Likely debuts in the Super Hero Taisen film.

Legend Rider Switch Set 04:
Price- 1,680 yen
-Fourth Set consisting of Legend Rider Switches

Legend Rider Switch Set 05:
Price- 1,680 yen
-Fifth Set consisting of Legend Rider Switches

FMCS-07 Fourze Cosmic States
Price- 3,675 yen
-Fourze Cosmic States FMCS

-Fourze's final form is Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States, achieved via switch #40, Cosmic Switch

-Meteor's power up is known as Meteor Storm

From Gokaiger:

-Ranger Key Sets of Boukenger, Hurricanger, and OOO

Picture of Battle Ganbaride 04, Super Hero Taisen. Apparently, there will be sentai cards you can use to fight rider cards. Also picture prominently is Kamen Rider Meteor Storm, which confirms the above toy listings.