Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Go-Busters and Wizard Magazine Pics!

 Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Dragon Style

 Hurricane Dragon utilizing its' special attack, the Thunder Wizard Ring.

 Wizard Flame Dragon combos using the Copy and Big Rings to give him double giant weaponry.

 Haruto's cavalcade of rings.

 Hurricane Dragon and Rings.

 Another Hurricane Dragon finishing move, Hurricane Dragon Slash.

 Hurricane Dragon utilizing the Special Wizard Ring + his Dragon wings.

 Haruto utilizing some fun spells, including Copy.

 Drill and Thunder magics.
 The riders gather, Poitrine and Akumaizer!

 Preview for next time- Beast and Water Dragon
 The Go-Busters' ultimate combo, Go-BusterKing!

 King utilizing the BusterLance!

 Lookout Go-Busters, Enter and Escape just went Rinjyuden on you! Enter and Escape evolve into Enter Unite, and Escape Evolve!

 Some more Go-Buster King and Ace in trouble!

 Go-Buster King attacking.

 The Go-Busters showing off their Super-Powers in Powered Custom.

 More Escape Evolve and Enter Unite.

 Go-Busters VS Gokaiger! An evil Gokaiger team? And a Black Zangyack Galleon? Plus, the Buddyroids on strike!
 A close-up on the Gokaiger in evil form. Lovin' the costumes. Where's Gai?

 Wizard's going to have some problems....

 Fourze combos his switches, Wizard in Flame Style.

Wizard VS an evil Akumaizer 3.