Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Kamen Rider Wizard Information/Rumors

From 2ch, take with a grain of salt:

Name- Kamen Rider Wizard (notated WiZardO)

Personal Belt- Wizard Driver

Personal Collectible- Wiseman Rings

Personal Weapon- Senyou Shakkujou WizdoRod (Personal Bishop Staff WizdoRod)

Personal Bike- Machine Wizardry

-The Wiseman Rings are set into the WizardDriver in the form of a crown. There are IC Chips built into the rings, and they are notated with the first letter of the attribute they represent. (The Fire Ring has an F, the Water Ring has a W, etc...) The WizdoRod can also have Rings set into it.

-Name of enemy is "Phantom"

-Similar to the Imajin of Den-O, Wizard will have Subcharacter contract monsters named "Homunculus". When Wizard form changes, he sets certain rings in the WizdoRod to change. However, if he holds up an WisemanRing to one of his Homunculus, they too can undergo a form change, taking on the property of that attribute.

-2nd Rider will be called "Kamen Rider Dice"

-Personal Belt- DiceDriver

-Personal Bike- Machine RollingStone

-Personal Collectible- Wiseman Dice (A 6 faced die, with a built in IC Chip. Each face holds a different attribute, like Wizard's Wiseman Rings.)

-A "Wiseman Ring Dictionary" will be released to store the Wiseman Rings in. The Dictionary has spaces for 25 rings.

-The name of Wizard's Homunculus Partner is Edgar. The name of Dice's Homunculus Partner is Alfred. Wizard uses his rings to transforms the Homunculus; Dice uses his Die. (If this is true, it's obvious what anime this Rider series is paying tribute to.)

-Kamen Rider Dice is spelled "Kamen Rider dICe" in reference to the IC system this year entails

-Dice's personal weapon is the "DiceGod", a brass knuckle type weapon, contains 4 IC sensors in the fingers. When you "roll the die" you active a finishing move.

-Wizard's world is linked with OOO's world. 800 years ago marked the creation of the Greeds and OOO. Likewise, the Homunculus and  Wizard were created 800 years ago. World view of the show is like Kiva, but there will be no time shifts/different eras.

-One of Wizard's Wiseman Rings is the "Bloom Ring". If Machine Wizardry is touched with the Bloom Ring, it assumes a Flight Mode.