Thursday, December 15, 2011

Go-Busters filming pics!

Yellow can be seen in some sort of harness. She has as a Lara Croft look about her hehe.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hey fellow Toku fans. Just so you know, me and my best friend run an ever-more-popular College Comedy/Talk Radio Show. This coming week, on Thursday 12/15/11, we'll be having our yearly Christmas special. We'll have special guests, song premiers, and a super-secret celebrity interview!

Throw us your support and tune in from 9-12 this Thursday, at our official website:
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After a long debate with myself, I've decided to go ahead with a new web series on youtube. The web series will be a weekly news/review style show featuring toku, anime, and Japan news that catches my interest. Once a month I plan on doing a focus episode on one such Toku/anime show, where I will be inviting guests that are far removed from the fandom (and guest from the fandom) where available. Stay tuned for more on that!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011


TOKUMEI SENTAI GO-BUSTERS premiers on 2/26/12 at 7:30!

STORY: (thanks to Kakeru1986 for original translation)

"Long ago, among secluded mountains, far from any civilization, a center conducted research interested in Human Innovation. One day, the main Super Computer conducting research becomes malicious and goes beserk, attaining sentience. Humanity manages to stop it, and peace returned...or so it seemed...

Predicting that their enemy might return and attack in the future, humans decide to build giant robots and machines, training chosen warriors to use this technology and fight against the Super Computer. That fated day has arrived. And so, TEAM GO-BUSTERS is formed, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters! Now their battle begins!

Buster Machine CB-01 DX Go-BusterAce:
Releases- February
Price- 5,040 yen (temp price)

Go-BusterAce is the most powerful form of Red's mecha. The set includes Red's Buster Machine (a Sports Car) and Red's Buddy Roid, Chida Niku. Chida Niku, as a Buddy Roid, can transform into a cockpit for RedBuster to pilot. Chida Niku and Red's Buster Machine can combine into the "Buster Vehicle CB-01 Cheetah". Cheetah can then undergo a transformation into animal form, making it into a Buster Animal, "Buster Animal CB-01 Cheetah." That form then transforms into the robot, Go-BusterAce. Combines with Gorilla and Rabbit to form Go-BusterOh.

Buster Machine GT-02 Gorilla:
Releases- February
Price- 3,990 yen (temp price)

Blue's mecha. Set includes Blue's Buster Machine (a truck) and Gorisaki Banana, Blue's Buddy Roid. Gorisaki Banana, as a Buddy Roid, can transform into a cockpit for BlueBuster to pilot. Gorisaki and Blue's Buster Machine can combine into the "Buster Vehicle GT-02 Gorilla", which can then undergo a transformation into a Buster Animal, "Buster Animal GT-02 Gorilla." Combines with Go-BusterAce and Rabbit to form Go-BusterOh.

BusterMachine RH-03 Rabbit:
Releases- March
Price- 3,465 yen (temp price)

Yellow's mecha. Set includes Yellow's Buster Machine (a helicopter) and Usada Letas, Yellow's Buddy Roid. Usada Letas, as a Buddy Roid, can transform into a cockpit for YellowBuster to pilot. Usada and Yellow's Buster Machine can combine into the "Buster Vehicle RH-03 Rabbit", which can then undergo a transformation into a Buster Animal, "Buster Animal RH-03 Rabbit." Combines with Go-BusterAce and Gorilla to form Go-BusterOh.

GT-02 Gorilla and RH-03 Rabbit Set:
Releases- March
Price- 7,455 yen (temp price)

Set of GT-02 and RH-03

DX Go-BusterOh, the combined form of Go-BusterAce, Gorilla and Rabbit.

Buster Gear Series 01 MorphinBrace:
Releases- February
Price- 3,675 yen (temp price)

The Gobusters' transformation device. Has a Henshin Mode (transforms the rangers), Call Mode (summons Buddy Roids), Let's Driving Mode (summons Buster Machines), Analyze Mode, Robo Mode (activates GobusterAce), Game Mode (play a game using the dial on the MorphinBrace), Special Mode (secret mode activated via the brace's dial). Looking at the pictures, the henshin call seems to be "It's Morphing Time", with the catchphrase for the show being "It's time for Buster".

Buster Gear Series 04 Transpod:
Releases- March
Price- 3,360 yen (temp price)

Voice Changer/Walkie Talkie, Weapon Summoner. (Seems to come with shoulder belts). In Mode 1, The Transpod acts as a "Transport". It is a holster for the Buster Gear weapons, that transports the weapons to the Go-busters. Mode 2 is a Voice Change Mode, changing the user's voice into 3 different sounds, which include singing and robot. Mode 3 activates animal/other sounds to confuse the enemies. These include a Cat (Neko- Nyaa), Cow (Ushi, Somoo....), Dog (Inu, Wanwan), Goat (Yagi, Mee....), Pig (Buta, BuuBuu), Obake (Yuu...Doro. Doro.)

Buster Gear Series 02 IchiganBuster:
Releases in- February
Price- 3,990 yen

Camera that changes into a gun. Based on an "ichigan" (single lens reflex camera). In Camera Mode, the toy can simulate zoom and shutter movement. Can combine with the SouganBlade to form the "Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode" Lights and sound.

Buster Gear Series 03 SouganBlade:
Releases- February
Price- 3,465 yen (temp price)

Binoculars that change into a sword. Name taken from "Sougan" (Binoculars). In Sougan Mode, seems to have a working scope. Looks to contain sounds of the Buddy Roids. Can combine with the IchiganBuster to form the "Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode. Lights and sound.

Buster Gear Series DX Gobusters Narikiri Set:
Releases- March
Price- 7,455 yen (temp price)

Set of Gear Sets 2 and 3

Legend Mobirates:
Releases- 3/10/2011
Price- N/A

A new Mobirates with more sounds and functions. Part of a secondary line for Ranger Keys.

Legend Key Set SunVulcan
Releases- January
Price- 630 yen (Temp Price)

Legend Key Set Gaoranger
Releases- January
Price- 630 yen (Temp Price)

Legend Key Set Go-Busters

Releases- March
Price- 1,050 yen (temp Price)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gobusters Rumors/ Info!

This post will contain all Gobusters info that is coming out:

-Gokaiger VS Gavan has been confirmed, Gobusters are likely to show up in the film, as their debut

-The Gobusters' henshin device is known as the "Mission Paneler" When the "Change Panel" is pushed, the Gobusters suits appear!

-The Gobusters are composed of GobusRed, GobusBlue, GobusYellow, GobusGreen, and GobusWhite. Based on previous info, Green and White may join a little after, or be the rumored "partners" of the main time.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Gokaiger Ep Summaries Confirmed

The Gokaiger part states the following, to the best of my reading abilities:

-Marvelous and the others return to Human World with MachFalcon

-In episode 37 (airing on 11/6) Wals Gil recieves the "Great Wals". This seems to be the weapon rumored to be sent to him by the Emperor.

-Episode 38 seems to be about Marvelous meeting AkaRed inside of an illusion (?)

-Episode 39, as rumored, is the Megaranger episode

-Episode 40, as rumored, is the Timeranger episode, and specifically mentions a message from the future, like the rumors

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Sentai Title Confirmed? (Ghosts?)

-The title seems to be "Tokumei Sentai Gobusters" (Special Mission Taskforce Gobusters)

-Given the rumors we've had, it's very likely the title is a play on "Ghostbusters"

-Rumors claim the show will mix rescue themes with the ghost motif

-The 30th Anniversary of Metal Heroes may influence the show in some ways

Thursday, September 22, 2011

OT: Come check out my radio show!

Hey Toku-Fans, for those who don't know I have a radio show I co-host:

Listen live Thursday from 10 AM to 12 PM for the comedy talk show, The Cool Side of the Pillow, (Brooklyn College's #1 morning show!!!)

Weird News, Fake News, Movies, Discussions, Wrestling, Pop Culture, and whatever we feel like talking about!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rumored Sentai 2012 Title- Youkai?


"Hyaki Sentai Hidenjya". (Lit. Hundred Stranges Taskforce Mystery Ranger)

"Hyaki" is a pun on Hyakki Yakou (100 Demon Night parade) from folklore.

The rangers are, as stated:

Red- Kyuubi (9 tailed fox)

Yellow- Nekobake/Bakeneko (a monster cat, not necessarily a two-tailed cat, which is a nekomata)

Blue- Yatagara/Yatagarasu (a 3-legged crow that appears in many Asian mythologies)

Monday, August 22, 2011

2012 Sentai Title Revealed

Copyrights are apparently out, looking for a link to them now. The name of the 2012 Sentai is:

"Genki Sentai Baruganger"

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Gokaiger Stuff (HurricaneGokaiOh Toy Pics, More Speedor Pics)

Both Hurricanger's FuuraiMaru and Go-onger's Speedor GokaiMachines were displayed at the toyshow. No pics were allowed of either, but someone sneaed a shot at FuuraiMaru.

A couple of different sketches showing how Speedor is to divide.

-Speedor is about 1.5 times the size of PatStriker, and is an F1 Racer

-Can combine with either GokaiOh or Gojyujin, and then, can combine with both robots into a final mecha form

-The Gokaiger seem to get a GokaiGalleon-type Bazooka as well, which comes with 5 Ranger Keys.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gokaiger will become JAKQ in Ep 6!

Luka's focus ep, 6, will have the Gokaiger form change into JAKQ Dengekitai to fight the latest Zangyack threat. It is not confirmed whether or not ep 6 will have a guest star in it or not.

So far, the only episode without a previous hero in it seems to be episode 4.

Our guest list so far:

Ep 1- Akaranger

EP 2- AkaRed

Ep 3- MagiRed

Ep 4- N/A

Ep 5- DekaMaster, DekaRed, DekaYellow

Ep 6- N/A

Ep 7- GekiRed

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feel like Geeking Out? Head to Geek Heaven!

A podcast run by my friends. Check them out, they're really good. What do they talk about exactly? Well, any geeky thought that happens to cross their mind. They do toku, scifi, current events, what have you.

And oh yeah, every now I then I may just pop up in an episode. So check em out!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Toy Catalogue Pics Begin!

Gokaiger SH Hero Series 06- GokaiSilver

Gokaiger SH Hero Series 07- GokaiSilver Gold Mode

Henshin Keitai GokaiCellular (includes GokaiSilver Ranger Key)

GokaiSilver to Gold Mode Henshin Figure (includes Gold Anchor Key)
Ranger Key Set 02- GoRed, Ryuuranger, AbaRed, BoukenRed, GingaRed

Ranger Key Set 03- Himitsu Sentai Goranger

First up, Putotyrra Combo!

TimePink and BattleKenya Ranger Keys.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New OOO Pics

Movie Poster of Awesomness.

Tajadoru and Shauta.

Shauta's performing the Octo Vanish.

Shauta, in an awesome hero shot.

More Shauta.

Even more Shauta.

Kamen Rider Birth-Day. Seems the Scorpion is called Birth CLAW's.

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Go-kaiger Pics

GokaiRed + All Forms

GokaiPink and GokaiGreen + All Forms

GokaiBlue and GokaiYellow + All Forms

GoukaiPink and GoukaiGreen

GoukaiYellow and GoukaiBlue
GoukaiRed, and his fleet of heroes.

The Zangyaku.