Saturday, November 25, 2017

SPOILERS! Kyuranger December Scans (Just a bit to start)

In December, the Kyuranger finally finish gathering all 4 KyuTama needed to break the barrier and confront JarkMatter. However, this will be anything but easy, and new threats show up they must face!
The Kyuranger will go toe to toe with Don Armage again, but whether or not this is the true Armage is anyone's guess. Professor Anton will bring back the Vice Shoguns, only this time he will fuse them together into this unholy mess known as Akyachuuga. Ugly, but incredibly powerful. It will take all the Voyagers to take this monstrosity down. 

The Kyuranger make it to Planet Southern Cross. To get to the core, they need to get through the "Hell's Gate." There, they fight its guardian, the Southern King. (Southern King is a recolor of the 199 Heroes villain, Black Cross King.) 

Their plan is to set the Black Hole KyuTama into the core to destroy the Jark Matter home base. Along the way something happens to Garu, and a mysterious masked warrior who seems to be related to him appears and fights against Lucky. 

It seems that Don Armage will reveal his true form to Tsurugi, but only Tsurugi. What is this true form?!

Also, the Kyuranger will utilize 5 KyuTama in December:

XMas Kyutama- Gives a Christmas Party

Black Hole KyuTama- A key item for the Kyuranger's battle. Has the powers of a Black Hole.

Ya KyuTama- Gives the team baseball uniforms. (Sagitta is the Arrow constellation, but Yakyuu is baseball. Puns, I love them.)

Kogitsune KyuTama- allows the BattleOrionShip to enter stealth mode.

Fukuchou KyuTama- To be used if stuck in a big pinch.