Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Gokaiger Info

-The Gokaiger's transformation item is apparently, the mini figures in conjuction with their belts. 5 CM sized, SD Red Ranger figures from past sentai are used to transform into those past rangers. The SD figs are kept in a basket on the belt, and then inserted into the belt to transform. Like W Gaia Memories, it seems the sounds are contained within the figures themselves.

-When inserting a past red figure the call sounds, "Change (Sentai Team Name)". For example, a Akaranger figure would sound the call, "Change Goranger!"

-Gokaiger colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink. Yellow's actor is a woman, but she will have the power to assume male yellow rangers. (A little nod to Power Rangers perhaps?)

-Gokaiger's main villain seems to be named "Yami no Shinseikishi Niizu". Niizu seems to have the same powers as the Gokaiger, except his mini-figures are that of past villain groups' generals, and are used to summon them.

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