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Manpuku Shojou Dragonet Episode 3 Review/Summary


There are some spoilers here. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this. If you don't mind, then by all means.

Episode 3- Tatakae Luna! Mago no Mujitsu wo Shoumeiseyo! (Fight Luna! Prove the Grandchild's Innocence!)


The Dragonet sister's names when in RyuuSenshi form are as follows:

Maya- DragoTorte
Mei- DragoSouffle'
Luna- DragoChocolat

As you can see, all based on desserts.

So last week was Mei's focus episode. This week is Luna's (Yes, I'm going to use Luna, even though Runa is technically correct too.) Next week is Maya's.


We begin with 2 of ToraZoku's members, Tetsuma and Kengo, eagerly awaiting a delivery from a Pudding Chef, so they can sell to their long-waiting line of customers. Not exactly my first thought when I think "evil plan" but just you wait.

Anyway, the chef/delivery guy Ryuta, gets there eventually. The pudding starts selling, and everyone seems peachy, especially Ryuta. Some time passes (Ryuta already gone) and we see that in reality, the Tiger Clan was merely waiting for the owner of the house next to them to leave. Initiate evil plan. But first- finish selling the pudding!

It should be noted that Tetsuma and Kengo are really likable. We didn't get to see Kengo talk so much as of yet, but now we do. Tetsuma is almost...well almost nice. Kengo is scheming, but still, not as bad as the other 2 members waiting back in the den. They almost remind me of a Lennie and George kind of thing...but you know, only if Lennie and George were super criminals.

So anyway, because this episode must advance the plot, the next customer to show up is none other than Tsukasagi Luna! (Because it is her episode). Another note here- the makeup, or maybe the acting, for this part is really good. Luna is sweating- not unnaturally, or comedically, but just enough so you can tell she's been running. I like that the production isn't afraid to make the show realistic, when it needs to be.

Anyway, Tetsuma realizes who Luna is right off the bat. Why you say? Here's where the spoiler is. In the end ep 1, we discover Tetsuma really is...Kaitou Dalmation! As such, he knows the identity of the Dragonet sisters already. Hiding his knowledge from her, and possibly Kengo, she goes on her way with newly bought pudding.

An older woman appears, wanting to buy some putting, but alas, our hardworking villains are out. That other girl just bought the last 4. But being the generous heroine, Luna gives up the pudding she bought and gives it to the old woman, saying she needs a diet. (In no way does this girl need a diet, hence, she is being nice, because she is the heroine.) Tetsuma witnesses this good deed, and you can it actually has some effect on him.

-CUE FLYING YELLOW DRAGON! (The scene changes are done by one of the girls' dragons flying over the screen. I will say that the dragons are animated much better here than in their henshin sequences.)

The next day- At the house where the Tiger Clan was staking out, the rare Pink Tiger Diamond (oh how I love reference!), has been stolen. Again, as always, the culprit is Kaitou Dalmation, and has left his calling card (cute dalmation-head card) as proof. Hassei Takano, I mean, Miyasaka is on the scene, once again fuming that he's been bested by Dalmation.

Over at Tokuko's detective agency, Tokuko is explaining the basics of the Clan's origins, for the benefit of the Dragonet Sisters, but mostly for the audience. Basically, there are 3 clans: The HitoZoku (Human Clan), ToraZoku (Tiger Clan), and RyuuZoku (Dragon Clan). The 3 Clans, when peaceful, maintain balance in the world. However, long ago, ToraZoku sought control, and thus upset the balance. It is up to the RyuuZoku to protect the HitoZoku, but the humans cannot know about the fight.

Tokuko calls the girls to order. There's a more important matter at hand! Why didn't Luna bring the pudding she asked for? Pretty much, Tokuko is selfish and has no comprehension of spending money. She's the mentor figure, but is more like the girls' spoiled litter sister. (in a good way.)

Meanwhile Ryuta is at the previous site of the pudding stand, wondering where the salesman aka bad guys have gone too. The old woman from before shows up, and it's revealed to be Ryuta's grandmother. She wanted to try his pudding, a recipe of his grandfather's (or something like that.) Our dedicated detective Miyasaka shows up and logically, if unfairly, tries to arrest Ryuta. His friends selling the pudding were shown on tape stealing the Pink Tiger, and he must be in on it with them, at least he thinks. Ryuta claims innocence though.

Miyasaka knocks over the grandmother, as she is trying to get Ryuta free, and is quickly decked in the face by Luna. (with a comic book Ka-pow! in English!) Miyasaka recognizes Luna as the "little Tsukasagi girl" (essentially calling her a b*tch), because Takano is allowed to do that. He really does not like this family.

Miyasaka explains to Luna that last night, the two pudding salesman broke into the house, stole the Pink Tiger Diamond, and that Ryuta has to be the Dalmation's accomplice. (Funny bit- we see the security camera footage; Tetsuma is not disguised, and Kengo gives a victory sign at the camera before the walk away with the diamond.)

To the tune of X-Files background music (the strings that are often heard in X-Files. Actually really creepy, and it kind of works here in an out-of-place sort of way), Miyasaka hauls Ryuta off, because as we've established Hassei can do whatever he wants.

Much to the dismay of the pudding-starved and money-hungry Tokuko, it seems that Luna promised the grandmother she'd get Ryuta free. When asked why, Luna explains that he's innocent, and he's making the puddy as respect for his grandfather, it being his dream etc. (It's actually really well acted, I'm just being snarky. Plus, if I explain everything in detail, this review will be 25 pages long.)

Tokuko doesn't care, she just wants some pudding. Mei asks the question- what if Ryuta is really a friend of Dalmation? Maya brings up the point that it might be a waste of time for them. (They really do remind of the Power Puff Girls in their attitudes.) Luna storms off, saying she'll find the culprits herself, and prove Ryuta's innocence. (And thus, the title did maketh sense.)

Alone and said, sitting at a temple, Luna is trying to figure out what to do. Enter Takumi (for those of you who forgot, he's the Tsukasagi's delivery boy). He has something for her from her father (he calls him chief). At first not wanting to see it, she opens the envelope he brought and in it is a picture of the Pink Tiger Diamond, and its twin, the Blue Tiger Diamond. Essentially, as Mr. Tsukasagi puts it, without one of the diamonds, the other one is useless. So Dalmation is going to need both.

Thus, Luna knows Dalmation's next move, and can prove Ryuta's innocence if she catches him in the act. It is revealed that Mei and Maya are watching the two speak, pretty much asserting for themselves, and the audience, that they are there for their little sis.

Meanwile, at Tiger Clan central, which is a bar I think. The leader, Shigeru (Tetsuma's older brother) holds the Pink Tiger Diamond up to the light, and a half a symbol is formed onto a piece of paper. (I think it's the top of the Tiger kanji, but I'm not sure.) Shigeru remarks that without the other (Blue Tiger diamond) it's not complete.

Tetsuma walks in, and it is revealed next to Shigeru, that Kengo is doing dishes, because he's a polite villain, and I appreciate that. Tetsuma asks Kengo if it's true- did Ryuta really get arrested? He had no part in this. Kengo replies that it's true, and feels somewhat sorry for it, but not so much as Tetsuma. Shigeru, being the ever scheming bastard, decides that if the police are so focused on Ryuta, then should let him be. This way, they can steal the Blue Tiger more easily. Tetsuma resists but his older brother is quick to put him in his place. You're in an evil organization Tetsuma, come on now!

Tetsuma leaves to secure the other diamond, under Shigeru's orders. Shigeru summons Jinguuji, our resident enforcer for the series. Shigeru tells him to keep an eye on his little brother. (He literally says- Ototo, Tanomu i.e. I'm leaving my brother up to you.)

Let's stop for a moment, and examine the other side of the Tiger Clan, the serious bad guys side. Shigeru is a jerk, plain and simple. The whole group may have 200+ IQ's, but he's the only one that seems to be using it maliciously. He's not evil persay, none of them are really, but he's definitely a villain. Jinguuji (first name Akinobu) is the enforcer; Shigeru's power house. I have a feeling he's going to be the one who delights in battle, but we'll get to that later.

Meanwhile, Luna shows up at a rich/eccentric woman's house (the owner of the Blue Tiger Diamond), and uses Honey Fla...err...Pochito Change! (Change a bit!, though it may be a pun on Korepocchi too. Essentially, it's a power that allows to change costume, but not assume Dragonet form),to disguise herself as a maid. (This is a magical girl series. For those who are unfamiliar with the genre, assume that the heroines can change into costumes often, and excessively. All thanks to Cutie Honey:) )

Inside, Luna is listening to the eccentric ramblings of the rich woman she is now employed to. (I really should have seen the maid disguise coming. Luna wears glasses after all. Sort of a no-brainer. Plus, her Dragonet armor has a maid-choker thing). Anyway, Ms. Eccentric stock character shows Luna her "treasure" which is a key with a diamond on the end of it. Guess what that key leads to?

Rather creepily, another maid, dressed in black-and-white, complete with matching DALMATION head band (hint-hint), shows up. She's been working here for a week. Creepy maid moves like a ghost, and the actress portraying her is very good, and very creepy. For some reason, there's a squelching noise when she smiles, and no, I don't want to think about why.

Luna creeps on over to a closed room (the cinematography is pretty awesome here), and tries to open the door, but it's locked. Go figure. Creepy maid creepily shows up again, asking what Luna's doing. Luna replies that she's trying to clean the room. Creepy replies back that only she is allowed to clean that room, and brandishes the eccentric lady's key, entering the room. Luna is rightfully stumped and scared.

Wondering why she is being treated badly by the creepy maid (who's only 1-week her sempai), Luna stumbles upon the unconcious form of her eccentric benefactor. Realizing that creepy maid stole the key from her, Luna rushes back to the other room.

Luna confronts Creepy Maid, who has possesion of the Blue Tiger. When she asks who the maid is, she just laughs, and transforms into Kaitou Dalmation. (It's nice to see that a guy has disguise powers in one of these shows, though it leads to my belief that he's on the way to being a hero, not a villain.)

Leaving his calling card, and about to flip out of their Jason David Frank style, Dalmation is stopped by Luna's assertion that it's his fault Ryuta is in jail. Her pleading has somewhat of an effect on him, until of course he jumps out the window, and she must pursue.

Declaring he won't be forgiven, Luna changes. Now again, on the Henshin sequences. They're pretty good, except for that damn dragon! I've realized now what bugs me about it. When the dragons are used for the scene changes, they are very fluid. In the henshin, it feels like they're not moving like dragons. It also doesn't help that they are designed with a muscular-chest, which takes away from the serpentine form. Going to stop complaining about this now though.

Before we go on, I should say that I think Luna is the main character here. At the very least, she gets the catchphrase at the end of the role call, and she gets focused on in the ending. Could be wrong though, but right now, she seems to be the main focal point.

Anyway, DragonChocolat and Kaitou Dalmation start their battle! (Most ridiculous sentence I have ever typed, btw.)

Again, the fight choreography is very nice to look at, and the fighting is very entertaining. Luna is very powerful, but Tetsuma/Dalmation is even more so. She fights with fists-a-flying, and he is calmly using her own aggresion against her. Very good martial arts sense Dalmation has.

Luna starts tearing up, pretty much calling out Dalmation as a jerk- not caring about the bonds of the heart and all that. Tetsuma seems to take this pretty hard, and now instead of dodging her attacks, pretty much just throws her around. He follows this up by smacking her side with his pimp cane (no, not making that up. He has a dalmation colored pimp cane.)

She lands hard after rolling down some stairs, and it seems her shoulder is either sprained, dislocated or the like. The point is, she can't use one arm, and yet, she gets up and continues on towards Dalmation. The two fight on, Dalmation still having the advantage (he even goes for her working arm with his cane. Using a combination of punches from her good arm, and kicks, she is able to spin kick him into a pillar (It's pretty badass), knocking him to the floor, and also knocking his mask off his face.

Angered by this, Dalmation just up-and-owns Luna, knocking her around some more. However, when he knocks her off balance, and she is about to fall, he grabs her hand to stop her. Why? Because in the path of her fall were a group of little flowers. (He's just like BlackWarGreymon that way.) He pulls her away, letting go. But just then, Tetsuma notices something in the sky that sounds like thunder.

He tells Luna to move, and knocks her out of the way as he is blasted by a red-black swirling vortex of death. It knocks him down, and Luna witnesses the source- out of the sky comes a man flying in a spinning tornado, red lighting surround him (Yes, you heard me right). Who is it? None other than Jinguuji of course. (I told you he was the enforcer). Jinguuji lands next to the flowers, and steps on them because he can.

Jinguuji gives the death stare to Luna, calling Tetsuma a fool. Before Luna can be hurt anymore, Mei and Maya show up. They ask for the Blue Diamond, but Jinguuji tells them to suck it, because he can. And thus, he picks up the unconcious Tetsuma, and flies away in his lighting-tornado thing. (So very cool)

Mei and Maya console Luna, because in her own words, she was completely useless- not only did she not stop the Blue Tiger from being stolen, but now Ryuta's sort of up the river without a paddle as well.

Elsewhere, Miyasaka and Tokuko are having a nice, rooftop chat. (Erika has dragon symbols on her stockings. Just noticed this. They could maybe be tattooes) It's implied here there's some kind of relationship with the two that isn't professional. Miyasaka wants her to come back to the fold as it were (he was her former boss in the MPD).

At the detective agency, it is revealed that Ryuta has been freed! Probably due to Tokuko's talk with Miyasaka. It's not mentioned specifically, I don't think, but logically, Miyasaka knows that he's not the culprit now, let's leave it at that. Anyway, the Dragonet sisters are chowing down on some of Ryuta's pudding (should I rephrase this sentence?) when Tokuko comes in. Where is hers she asks? Ryuta swears he brought 4. Meaning one of the girls ate hers! As she goes for Luna's, she pulls away, and Tokuko falls as we freeze frame.

Cue Ending Song!


Maya has to become a model! Why? To protect other models of course. And also, because this is probably aimed at a male audience...


This episode gets an 8 out of 10. Maybe even a 9. It exceeded the expectations set by 1 and 2 in so many ways. For one, we got the villain dynamic out in this episode.

Tetsuma is essentially good, but his brother is the big bad, and its sort of a family thing. Shigeru's a jerk, but that's fine. Jinguuji is a powerhouse who could probably crush our heroines by only thinking about it, and Kengo is the wild card. He's Tetsuma's friend, but he's just kind of sitting in silent amusement of everything.

The sisters are good in it too, and Luna is definitely my favorite right now. I actually thought I would like Mei the best, as she seemed to be the "darker" one of the bunch, but she isn't really. Luna's sort of a badass, fighting only using one arm, she was pretty good.

Hassei and Erika don't fail to please again. I just love seeing them in these unusual roles. There's definitely are dark-ish past between them, involving why Tokuko left the force.

We don't see the parents (goodie!) but I kind of wanted to, because I know if I see them enough, they'll grow on me.

The guest stars were okay (Ryuta, grandma, old eccentric lady, creepy maid) but I think the standout character from this show is probably Takumi. He comes off as the most natural, and its hard not to like the hardworking nice guy. If Luna is really the main character (and I'm pretty sure she at this point), I think there's going to be a triangle between her, Takumi and Tetsuma, much like early Sailor Moon relationship stuff.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you guys can, and will, get your hands on this show. It's very entertaining.

Dukemon Out!

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Manpuku Shoujo Dragonet

Manpuku Shoujo Dragonet or Dragonette, the title literally meaning "Full Health Girl Dragonet", is a new toku series from the people who brought you Garo and Cutie Honey. Only problem? No one on the non-Japanese forums seems to have mentioned it yet. (Note: I could be wrong, and thus am making myself look like an idiot posting this, but hey, whatever.)

Just finished watching the first 2 episodes, and I thought I'd give you guys a character breakdown/impression of the show so far.


Tsukasagi Maya (17), Tsukasagi Mei (16) and Tsukasa Runa (15) are 3 sisters of a high class. The three work as detectives in their Aunt's (Tuskasagi Tokuko) Detective Agency. At the same time, they help out their parents in a Chinese Restuaurant which they own. Cases for the girls range anywhere from solving mysterious accidents, to tracking down lost puppies.

But why are these 3 High School girls so good at what they do? It is because these 3 have a certain special power. The 3 are actually descendants of the RyuuZoku (Dragon Clan) and have the ability to transform into the "Ryuu Senshi (Dragon Warriors) Dragonette."

The 3 sisters who crack cases by using the maximum power of the RyuuZoku. However, a mysterious shadow has fallen over the 3 sisters...



Tsukasagi Maya (17 years old):

played by Kubo Yurika

The master woman. She is the facilitator of the 3 Tsukasagi sisters. Works for her aunt Tokuko's Detective Agency with her sisters. As a descendant of the RyuuZoku she is blessed with certain special abilities, and she uses these efficiently to bring solutions to the crime. Her abilities include being able to read an object's memory, and superhuman strength.

Tsukasagi Mei (16 years old):

played by Uchida Ayaka

The second daughter. She is the most active of the sisters. She fights by using a Kenpo known as "Pikaichi". She is cautious before acting on anything. It is possible that she has the most ability to use the powers of the RyuuZoku.

Tsukasagi Runa (15 years old):

played by Momose Misaki

The third daughter. Out of the 3 sisters, she is the most obedient. However, she is also the worst at combat. Because of this she is often angry, and does not hide it. She has the ability to read minds, along with superhuman strength, but her abilities have certain limitations.

Tsukasagi Tamiko:

played by Miho Jun

Co-Owner of the RyuuOh Manseki (Dragon King Over Capacity), the Chinese Restaurant that her and her husband manage, and in which her 3 daughters help out. Her food delivery restaurant was an overnight hit. She and her husband are never seen not smiling.

Tsukasagi Tokuko:

played by Erika

Tamiko's sister, and the girls' Aunt. She is the Head Detective of the Detective Agency which includes her and the 3 sisters. She used to be part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division. A Super-Beauty who catches the eye of men and women alike. Has absolutely no monetary sense, and is a weakling for the words "Five Star." As such, she spends money likes its going out of style. And as a result, the Detective Agency is usually in some sort of debt, but she never seems concerned about that. She still makes the 3 sisters pay for things though...


Gamou Shigeru:

played by Yoshimura Takuya

Descendant of the Tora Zoku. His IQ is somewhere past 200. The leader of the 4 existing Tiger Clan members. He finds it intolerable that fools are running the world, when people with excellent genes, like the Tora Zoku, can do so much better. The Tora Zoku have the ability to manipulate people's minds, making them work for them in acts of crime...

Kurashina Kengo:

played by Kawabata Isshi

Another descendant of the Tora Zoku, and also has an IQ that exceeds the 200 mark. Bright person, and a Sportsman.

Jinguuji Asanobu:

played by Tanaka Shigeto

Another Super-Genius of a 200+ IQ, and a descendant of Tora Zoku. He is cool throughout any situation, and neither Kengo or Tetsuma can really comprehend his thoughts.

Gamou Tetsuma

played by Uji Kiyotaka

Like the others, a 200+ IQ genius. Shigeru's younger brother. Because of that, he is often underestimated and unnoticed by the other three, and often tries to make them notice him, going to uncessary lengths to do so.


Tsukasagi Daizaburou:

played by Mie Haru

Co-Owner of the RyuuOh restaurant along with his wife, Tamaki. Father of the 3 sisters. He is a man who is always smiling, and whose only problem is he cannot spend more time with his wife, because they are so busy.

Shimizu Takumi:

played by Kawamura Ryousuke

A young man who was impressed with Daizaburou's cooking, and was made a disciple of his by force, becoming their deliveryman. He is hot-blooded, and has a crush on Runa. Motorcyles are his hobby.

Miyasaka Kennosuke:

played by Hassei Takano

Section chief of the Tokyo MPD's Criminal Investigation unit. He was Tokuko's former Supervisor. He is always on the scene of the crime in the girls' cases, usually at odds with them, sometimes even calling them the criminals.

Kaitou Dalmation (Phantom Thief Dalmation):

A Tuxedo Kamen esque thief, with a Dalmation-colored mask, wearing a weird comibination of white shorts and a black suit jacket. He is not allied with anyone, but his powers seem to show he has some sort of ties to the Tora Zoku.


Directors: Hara Masayuki, Sanoto Moki, Kaneda Ryuu, Konaka Kazuya, Honda Ryuuichi (have worked in Garo, Ultraman, Cutie Honey, etc.)

Stunt Coordinator: Oosashi Akira (AAC Stunts) (worked on Cutie Honey, Kamen Rider The First, The Next, Skullman, Garo, etc.)

Writers: Amasawa Akira, Tamura Ryu, Shirado Tsutomu

Character Design: Yoshizaki Mine (Keroro Gunsou), Amemiya Keita (Garo)

Production: Deep Side (name a non-sentai toku show, they probably produced it. Production team of Garo and Cutie Honey the Live)

Opening Theme: Hariken Love by Jurian Beat Crisis

Ending Theme: Joob Joob by Neko Jump

Now for the Review Part!:

A Disclaimer:

If you have a natural aversion to Kawaii Culture, Moeism, or anything of that sort, this may not be the show for you. If you live under the belief/dillusion that toku should, and is meant to be, serious, this show is not for you.

If however, you are like me, and enjoy some fun, please, watch. Fans of Cutie Honey and Sailor Moon (the animated or live versions) should deal well with this show. Warning, I don't think anyone's subbing this, so if you hate raws...sorry.

THE GOOD, aka, The Reasons you should watch this show-


First up, merely on shallow ground, we have Erika and Hassei Takano in the same show. That's right, crazy Lesbian Jaguar woman from Panther Claw, and Kamen Rider Raia/updated Nigo in the same show. Merely on awesome points, this should make you at least want to check out the show.

Both of them are playing different kinds of characters, at least different from what I'm used to seeing them as. Erika is a mysterious ditz here, a woman who enjoys money and acts stupid, but really has it all figured out. Her playing Tokuko here reminds me of Yuko from xxxholic quite a bit.

Hassei is totally different for me, playing this show's Stottlemeyer (come on Monk fans, I know you're still out there!). He's almost an Anti-Shotaro, which could be the case, since this is out the same as double, and the production team behind it is the one behind Kamen Rider. Anyway, he's pretty entertaining, if a little bit awkward at times, but I'll get to that.

As for the other characters. Well, they're okay. The acting in general in this show is awkward, and it's probably meant to be. Sans the villains, the characters are in mock of anime, so everything is almost, animated. Only 2 episodes in, so I don't want to criticize acting ability quite yet.


If you know AAC stunts, you know what they can do. The action is fast paced, fun to watch, and like in Cutie Honey, is more often than not played for humor, and it tends to be semi-sexual. The attacks the girls use are very much a sentai spoof, and scream "Magical Girl". But the action makes up for it.


There's some funny stuff. Not laugh-out-loud yet like Cutie Honey, but I'm sure it'll get there. (Can't really beat Mark Musashi screaming curses, now can you?). One funny moment from ep one was Runa trying to match her sisters in jumping over a cabinet, and smacking right into said cabinet.


The opening and ending songs are great. Catchy as hell, and possibly annoying to some for that reason. The opening credits is done as mostly anime, and the animation is actually pretty good. Hariken Love is a good song, at least it fits.

The ending song is really cool, mostly because it's in Chinese, and it's something totally different from the opening. Main character walking down street, very Hibiki-esque, but a lot more upbeat.


Like I said above, if you are scared or angered by Moe situations, not the show for you. The Dragonet sisters, when not in their scantily-clad leather armor forms, are in scantily clad school girl outfits. We never see their school, or at least we haven't yet...but hey, I'm not going to complain.


The villains are cool. There, I said it. The descriptions make them sound quite bland, and they kind of are, but in a good way. Unlike the girls, who descend from the Dragon Clan, the all boys villain club descend from the Tiger Clan. Instead of the moe-fashion, their transformation gives them vampiric-esque Tiger-teeth, and slit-eyes. It's a little corny, but they are intimidating.

The group actually reminded me of the Grongi a bit, if you fused them with Queen Beryl's reverse-harem of lackies. But cool.


The show feels like something you've seen before, in a good way. The characters almost feel like grownup Power Puff Girls, or at least, that's the direction I think they are heading in. 2 was a Mei focus, 3 is a Runa focus, and we haven't gotten a Maya focus yet, but I'm assuming that's coming. If you're a fan of Cutie Honey, you'll like this, but it doesn't quite have the undertone Cutie did yet. I think it will though, it's got the same staff, and some good people behind it.

Dalmation, whose identity we may or may not found out in episode 1, is very much a spoof of Tuxedo Mask. There's a bunch of things.



People who know my opinions on Toku know I like my slapstick. But the parents...the parents here are far too stiff and goofy for my liking, right now. I'm sure, like Cutie Honey, we're going to get some darker backstory, and I'll be singing their praises. But for right now, they just seemed kind of blah. They didn't make me hate the show, but they just felt stale.


The effects are crappy. Not gonna lie. The show seems low budget, and the effects reflect that. Luckily, as I said before, the action more than makes up for it, and besides the henshin sequence, things like attacks are usually silly-on-purpose. The practical parts of the Henshin are all right, but the cgi dragons are just not up to snuff.


The show seems to be going a case-by-case basis, like with Double. Unlike Double however, the bad guys seem to have nothing to do directly with the cases, at least not yet. (Dalmation was the antagonist in ep 1, and in 2, Tiger Clan-controlled civilians did the thievery). As such, right now the show has this seperated feeling. Not bad, but I'll have to wait and see.


I'll give this show, based on episode 1 and 2, a 6.5/10. It's certainly not bad. Rather entertaining actually, but as I always say, Tokusatsu should never be judged until you've at least seen past episode 10, at least 5. The backstory, if fleshed out, could be really good.

It seems they are going with some sort of Kung Fu influence, I think. It'll be interesting to see where all the plots go, and if they explain anything in depth. This could after all, just be a show for entertainment's sake, and hey, why's that so wrong? I'll be watching 3 in a bit. I think the review part was sort of basic, but I didn't want to spoil anything. More on this, and other stuff soon.

-Dukemon Out

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blurry pic of Ultimate from Toy Show, some info.

GoseiUltimate, (and probably Ozu and some Xros Wars toys as well) were marked with a Do not Photograph sign. But there it is regardless. I have to say, even with this bad quality pic, he looks pretty sweet. Original coloration. I'm still hopeful for a cluster-gattai, but I'm not holding my breath. At the very least, we get 3 Super Gattai, each very different from the other.

Onto the info, it seems the Miracle Gosei Headders will first appear in the show as "AbareHeadders" (Not necessarily a reference to my favorite sentai of all time, but I'll take what I can get. Abareru means to run amock, go wild.)

I.e., the Miracle Headders will first show up as Headders that are out of control. This follows the pattern of both KyouretsuOh and MogyuuDaiOh, who both first appeared as uncontrollable super mecha.

I assume when they are controlled, the Goseiger will be granted Super Form. This'll happen in the August episodes, and yes, the name "AbareHeadders" is confirmed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Self-Promoting, Me Singing

Here's me singing Butterfly (Strong Version):

and Beat Hit:

Both songs are from Digimon. For best listening quality, I recommend headphones. For some reason, youtube and home computer speakers just aren't a good match.

I'm thinking about what songs I should sing next. Possibly Daybreak's Bell (The Gundam OO First Opening) by L'arc en Ciel, simply because they're awesome. And also maybe the trilogy of Gackt rider songs at some point.

There's also an English version of Goseiger I did:

I have mixed feelings about it lol.

That rumor podcast-esque thing I'm thinking of doing may get recorded soon, as well as some clips of me goofing around voice acting.

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Done with Message Boards

For a while now, I've been iffy about using message boards to post the rumors I find.

For one, it's easier to just post them here and manage them.

Secondly, I don't have to worry about being flamed for the rumors I post here.

Thirdly, there's a lot of trash that just gets thrown around on the messageboards, and it really doesn't foster proper discussion. It's nice to avoid that if I can.

So, there it is lol. Any rumors I find will go here. If anyone wants to take them to the boards afterwards, that's fine. You only need to credit me if you're quoting what I said exactly.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GoseiUltimate Catalogue Pic!

Massive, cool looking, and seems to have something to do with Master Head. The incorporation of the Miracle Headders really impresses me. I doubt this is our only release left, even though we haven't gotten info on anything else. We shall see. More toy pics (including Ozu stuff) should be out within the next couple of weeks.

GoseiUltimate Info + Fan Concept pic

The 4th Robo has been revealed through info:


A battle ship/delta-shaped jet vehicle, who greatly resembles TimeJet Gamma from Timeranger. It's coloration is white, with red lines, giving it similarity to J-Der/J-Ark from GaoGaiGar. Ultimate transforms to its robot form, and has the Super Goseiger's 5 Headders affixed to its chest in a Star Formation, over a hexagonal-face.

GoseiUltimate can combine with GoseiGreat to form Ultimate GoseiGreat. Other gattai abilities are hinted at, but the full catalogue has apparently not been released, as Ultimate would only cover the month of October. As per usual oder, we can expect Bandai to release toys in September, October, and November.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

SuperGoseiger pic

For those worrying the girls would not get the power up (it had been confirmed a long time ago that they would) here's you're proof. What's interesting to note is that there is a 6th figure listed as "new robo A", and if there is an "A" it would stand to reason there is at least a "B". The picture also confirms the Miracle Headders are gold.