Friday, December 18, 2009

Goseiger Pics, Rumored name for 2nd Robo

Lots of great new Goseiger pics. The rumored name for Robo #2 is "GoseiHyper".

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Ture ShinkenRed: Shiba Kaoru (A Female Red Ranger!)

Possibly one of the coolest plot twists ever, me thinks so. But to be fair, it isn't really a plot twist, so much as was something hinted about Takeru, that they have now capitilized on. I'm pretty excited for this.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Goseiger Toy Catalogue Pics

Our first one, the cover page:

Goseiger Toy List n Info

DX Tensou Gattai Gosei Great:
Releases in - February
Price- 7,500 yen

GoseiDragon, GoseiSnake, GoseiShark, GoseiPhoenix and GoseiTiger unite! Each animal's GoseiHeader can be seperated from its body, and swapped out with others in the toy line (designated by tribe that mecha belongs to.) The auxilary GoseiHeaders will act as this year's gattai series.

The composition of GoseiGreat is thus: (the mecha are in fact machines, but modeled after animals, much like Liveman or Jetman.)

GoseiDragon- A dragon-bomber jet which forms the head, body, and shoulders.

GoseiSnake- A snake-shinkansen that forms the waist, left leg, and right thigh. The snake head is the foot.

GoseiShark- A shark-submarine that forms the left arm and hand

GoseiPhoenix- A phoenix-jet that forms the right arm and hand

GoseiTiger- A tiger-tank that forms the right leg. The tiger head is the foot.

There are a total of 17 header joints on GoseiGreat (take that as you will.) The robo series is actually pretty seperate from the GoseiCards, with only some relation. The rest of the toy line utilizes the cards greatly.

Seakku Brother Set:
Releases in- February
Price- 2,200 yen

A set of GoseiHeaders which include the MantaHeader, HammerHeader, and NokogiriHeader (sawfish). The heads can be swapped out for GoseiShark's. Nokogiri's saw can spin.

GoseiGreat can gattai with the 3 headers to form "Seakku GoseiGreat", where the Hammer and Nokogiri heads attach to Great's hands, and the Manta becomes a new head, causing the robot to resemble CaptainShark.

Landikku Brother Set:
Releases in- March
Price- 2,200 yen

A set of GoseiHeaders that includes the StagHeader, TyrannoHeader, and DigHeader (mole possibly). Stag and Tyranno (orange) can be swapped for Snake. Dig can be swapped for Tiger.

GoseiGreat can combine with these headers to form "Landikku GoseiGreat". Stag forms the new head, while Tyranno and Dig swap out with Snake and Tiger to become the feet. Snake and Tiger re-attach at the knees.

Skykku Brother Set:
Releases in- April
Price- 2,200 yen

A set of GoseiHeaders which includes EagleHeader, PteraHeader and unknown third bird. It is unknown which header swaps out with which mecha. (this is the sky tribe so its red and pink.)

GoseiGreat can combine with these Headers to form "Skykku GoseiGreat". Here, the 3 headers unite into a giant crown w/cannons, with Eagle at the center, forming the head. The other too attach to great's shoulders.

Data Sypher:
Releases in- April
Price- 6,500 yen

Mascot Robo that transforms from a DCD case to Mascot Robo to Combat Robo. Can combine with GoseiGreat to form a super-union which resembles Buster OhrangerRobo. Uses the 15 existing headers (14 animals + sypher's) in its finisher. Not sure if the Headers are connected to the robot before use of the finisher though.

GoseiCard Buckle:
Releases in- February
Price- 2,500 yen

Card Box + Belt

Releases in- February
Price- 4,500 yen

Henshin device/Gosei Card reader, shaped like a Moai head. Similar to DragVisor of Ryuki, functionally. Possibly worn on the wrist at times. Usually, it is kept on the left side of the belt.

Releases in- February
Price- 3,200 yen

Side-arm for the Goseiger. Part of the GoseiHeader series. GoseiHeaders can be attached to the muzzle for more power.

Sky Buster Set:
Releases in- March
Price- 3,500 yen

Set of Red's Skykku Sword and Pink's Skykku Shot.

Land Sea Buster Set:
Releases in- March
Price- 2,900 yen

Set of Black's Landikku Axe, Yellow's Landikku Claw and Blue's Seakku Bowgun.

The 5 ranger weapons can combine into a bazooka.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Super Sentai Card Game- "Super Sentai Battle Daisuoh"

As has been rumored for many months, along with Goseiger, Sentai will release its own version of Gunbaride soon, now officially known as "Daisuoh" or "Dice King". It seems to be a card game, which utilizes digital dice to activate different moves. The blurb says to stay tuned for the Feb Issue of Terebi Kun for more info on Daisuoh, which sort of gives strong evidence to it having to do with Goseiger.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

W's Final Form?

Not confirmed, but it seems to be from Double, and I don't think it could be anything but his final form, if it's real.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catalogue pics

Henshin Gaia Kyoryuu Fang Memory
WFC Fang Joker and RHS Fang Joker

WFC Accel and RHS Accel

Accel Gunner (Accel Bike Mode + Gunner Robo Mode)

Frog Pod

Beetle Phone

Engine Blade

DX Accel Driver

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Possible sketch of Kamen Rider Accel's helmet

Not sure if these are sketches based on the info we got, or based on the actual catalogues. Please take with a grain of salt.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kamen Rider W Fang Form

Fang Joker (as pictured above) is the next Double Form. It is activated via the "Fang Memory", which exists in a Raptor-Like Memory Gadget. The Fang Memory can clip onto the Double Driver, and it is assumed that it can give Double the forms of (Fang Joker, Fang Metal and Fang Trigger.)
Recent rumors divulge that Fang is given to Shotaro as a replacement for Philip, who seems to die in episode 25. I don't believe Philip will stay dead of course, but it's a great way to get Double a new form without it feeling forced (since he will loose the ability to use cyclone, heat and luna.)
Other rumored big events include:
-The Second Rider showing up. His name is Ukyou Suji (last name has the character for "right" in it.) He will be a Genius Physicist who works with the police, and my guess is he has some link to Philip. His Gaia Memory appears to be "Accel".
-Ukyou's partner, Mira will also appear. She is a girl who seems to have a similar past with Philip, and her story ties into the "Begins Night."
-Kirihiko will overthrow Sonozaki and control a new empire in his own name.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Shinken Pics (DaiGoyou)

New Villain, Akumaro

DaiGoyou speaking, it seems. I think Genta hangs him as a lamp on his cart.

Gold firing Hiden Disk with DaiGoyou

More DaiGoyou

DaiGoyou combined with Ryu, Kame, Kuma and Saru

DaiGoyou firing Hiden Disks.

DaiGoyou in Robo Mode

DaiGoyou, being held by ShinkenGold in Jutte and Lamp Modes

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shinkenger 4th Robo Pic - ChouchinOh

Rumored info:
ChouchinOh, is the grown form of the Paper Lantern OriGami, ChouchinMaru, who Genta makes as a weapon for the entire team. ChouchinMaru can then grow into ChouchinOh. The multiple parts of the robot may be used as weapons for the other robos.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kamen Rider W Filming Pics

Kamen Rider W Heat Joker

W's Bike

W Cyclone Joker (Base Form) chest-pads

W Heat Metal's Chest-Pads (from the back)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kyoryu Super ShinkenRed?

"Kyoryu" Super ShinkenRed, which is what I'm tentatively calling this form, seems to be when SuperShinkenRed posseses the KyoryuMaru. The only difference from SuperShinkenRed, is the jacket's color, but it is cool to see Kyoryu does have another hidden power.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

W sketches

Kamen Rider W.

W's Belt
New W Info:
-Name of Kamen Rider is Kamen Rider W (pronounced Double)
-Phillip seems to be a foreigner, and him and Shotaro do combine into W
-Name of the henshin belt is the Double Driver, pictured above. Uses USB keys to change forms.
-Series will premier on 9/6, and will have 50 episodes

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kamen Rider W info

-W has an insect motif, most likely a grasshopper. He resembles Kikaider, in the sense that his right and left sides are differently colored. His right side is red, and his left side is green. Each side has a different character/personality.
-W is transformed from 2 people, who combine to form the rider. Their names are Shotarou and Phillip
-W's henshin device is a USB which is inserted into his belt to transform him. Has a gimmick known as the "Treasure Gaost" which allows him to change forms.
-Has the ability to change forms. These forms are activated by the "Joker Memories". USB keys that activate different forms. 3 of these forms are known as "Luna Joker", "Cyclone Joker" and "Heat Joker".
-Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker is Black and Green in coloring.

-W transforms into Heat Joker in the Decade Movie.
-W has a both a motorcycle and a car.

-W aims to be the "Number 1 Rider" of the Second Half of Hesei Riders.

-Seems to have a relation to ShadowMoon. When Decade is cornered by him in the movie, W shows up to save him
-Keywords having to do with W are "Wind", "2 People" and "Clan"
-Broadcasting is rumored to start on 9/6
-8/15 to 8/23 have been listed as filming dates for the show

-His enemies are much closer to the sentai variety- a group of villains that stay a constant from the beginning of the series

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Shinken Mecha flow chat! (toy catalogue)

Assorted new/old mechs from Shinkenger

New Formations:

EbiOrigami becomes DaiKaiOh

ShinkenOh + IkaOriGami= IkaShinkenOh

DaiKaioh + IkaOriGami= IkaDaiKaiOh

ShinkenOh + KyoryuOriGami= KyoryuShinkenOh
ShinkenOh + DaiKaiOh= DaiKaiShinkenOh

DaiTenkuu + IkaOriGami= IkaTenkuuBuster

DaiKaiShinkenOh can use the IkaTenkuu Buster as a cannon weapon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

First 2010 rumors

A rumor has just reported that the following series will be airing next year:
7:30 AM
"Toukon Sentai Resurinjya" (Fighting Spirit Taskforce Resurinjya)
8:00 AM
"Kamen Rider Cho Den-O TV"
Other rumors maintain that the next, Kamen Rider is Kamen Rider W (Zwei), but this could easily follow Cho Den-O in a regular Kamen Rider premier spot (with an overlap happening, assuming they perhaps want Den-O as a short series like Decade.)
Cho Den-O could premiere in August/September, and air into February, and be replaced by W soon after.
Now there is very little supporting these rumors, so please take them with a grain of salt. It's still very early, but the fact that Decade is a short series sort of makes the rumors all the more possible, because planning would go on sooner, even for sentai.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Decade Filming: Complete Form Battle!

Decade Complete Form VS Kamen Rider Oga, Ryuga, and Dark Kabuto!