Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rumored Go-Kaiger Cast/OOO Rumors:

Go-Kaiger Cast:

Ozawa Ryota-

Yamada Yuuki, of D-Boys

Here's a youtube clip from him:

Shimizu Kazuki-

Koike Yui-

Ichimichi Mao-


-OOO's final form will be known as "EkusuOzu" (エクスオーズ) literally "X O's".

-OOO will activate this final form via the "Ancient Guarder" (エンシャントガーダー), which will attach to the Medal Scanner. Like Tajadoru, the Ancient Guarder will allow "reinforcement" of OOO's alternate forms.

-As X O's, he will use 6 Core Medals at a time to achieve each form. The Candroids will be utilized, and synchronization in the toys is also possible, along with new sounds.

-Another rumored has popped up about the 3rd Rider, and as before, Uva is rumored to have something to do with it. The 3rd Rider of OOO's belt system is made by Uva and Dr. Maki. Based again off the OOO system, this time the rider is named "Zeros". (Zeer-O's, ΘΘΘ)

-Transforms with a system similar to OOO, using the "Genjyuu Medals" (Mythical Beast Medals) which are a "NiJyurui Type" (Two variety type) of Cell Medal. The belt is split in halves, and the scanner is used with the left hand.

-It seems, much like what will be the case with birth, the Zeros system is going to be changing hands a lot. At first, Maki will use it to transform. It will even be used by the Greeds, and eventually pass to Shingo Izumi/Ankh.

-The Genjyuu Medals, unlike other Cell Medals, are replenish-able. They are more powerful than the Core Medals, because they utilize two kinds of Greed attributes.

-The Griffin Medal (combining the powers of Ankh and Kazari), The Dragon Medal (combining the powers of Ankh and Gameru), and the Mermaid Medal (combining the powers of Uva and Mezuru) allows Zeros to access his base form, known as "Greed Ride".

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