Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rumors on Goseiger VS Shinkenger and Movies Wars 2011


-Kamen Rider Baasu appears. He uses an installation henshin system. Baasu's eyes are not circular, but U shaped, (colored black) and he looks very original, something unlike any other hero before. The lower half of his "U" eyes glow red, and he almost resembles Hakaider, complete with a capsuluar head.

-Sonozaki Fumine (Shroud) and Narumi Soukichi are childhood friends.

-Their partner seems to be played by Tarou Yamamoto (or this could be the character's name)

-"San Dopant" is mentioned, as are Bat and Spider

-The movie will be more serious than comedic, and it seems as though it will bring Akiko to a darker place as well


-The Gedoushuu manipulate ShinkenRed into attacking GoseiKnight. The under control ShinkenRed is known as "Gedou ShinkenRed".

-The New Sentai will appear in the film. The 35th Sentai will be the Decade-for-Sentai, and be a celebratory series. The series will feature the return of old Red Rangers, with the original actors returning, as much as possible.

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