Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Filler Season for Bleach, Cristina Vee as Mio, Xros Wars and Toku awesomeness!


The last two episodes of Goseiger/Double were awe inspiring. Great writing, great drama, etc. Goseiger has hit the "breaking point" so to speak, and it's usually around the mid 20's where a Sentai becomes comfortable with itself, and the real storytelling begins. Can't wait.

Double's on its way out, but it's definately going to go out with a bang. If you haven't seen episode 46 yet, do so, you'll be pleased with yourself. Saying that, there are really only 3 episodes left, and I think, like Agito's last saga, the last 3 will almost feel like a OVA to the series (yeah I know the A in OVA stands for anime, so sue me.)

Oh yeah, OOO starts September 5th! So stay tuned for the needless drama that will result from fanboy hatred!


With episode 287, Bleach followers will be subject to another filler season. Now, I for one, don't mind the filler seasons. It's either that, or go off air for 1-2 years while waiting for the manga to progress. As a fan of Haruhi Suzumiya, I can attest to that not being fun, so the filler seasons are at least watchable.

That said, the next filler season sounds interesting, as it will find Ichigo in an Arabian dimension/dream world, with doubles of his friends as new characters.

In general, the fillers have been okay. The Bount Saga was the best so far, as it actually fit into the flow of the show, even though it wasn't from the manga. Amagai, Zanpakuto and Sword Fiends (haven't watched fiends yet to be honest) don't, and while they still have their good points, its hard for me to reconcile them.

This new saga sounds like it could actually be a 25-ep long dream sequence, which is fine, because then they can steal squeeze it into the actual plot somehow.


First, if you're a fan of digimon, or anime in general, and you haven't watched the behemoth that is Xros Wars, do yourself a favor, and cling to the bandwagon. The show, which is essentially a "reboot" (there's that word again) of the franchise is really thrilling. It sort of takes the good from all past series, and puts it together. It also airs at a later time, and is really sort of a family show, more than something just for the kids.

Anway, episodes 10 and 11 of the series are being aired in one go, as an hour special, 2 weeks from now at7 PM (6 AM Eastern Time in the US). The hour episode will feature Elizabeth from Double as Bastemon, the Princess whom our main characters must try and save.

Anyway, tune in if you haven't. I have a feeling the show is going to become something really, really great.

CRISTINA VEE IS MIO in the dub of K-On!:

Ever since I heard her sing Don't Say Lazy, I prayed that she would get this part, and now she has and all is right with the world. To add to this, Stephanie Sheh is playing Yui (if you don't know Stephanie Sheh, you haven't been watching anime dubs recently.)

Those are the only two cast members revealed. As for the other 3 girls, I would like the following:

Ritsu- Wendee Lee
Mugi- Michelle Ruff
Azusa- Kari Wahlgreen

Wendee Lee and Kari Wahlgreen both fit their characters perfectly, and although Michele Ruff isn't the first person you'd think of for Mugi, I think she can really get the highs and lows of the character down.

More news of the toku variety as it comes out! (Sorry for the rambling, I just was very excited about this stuff!)


  1. It's refreshing to see someone NOT piss and moan about filler arcs. I'm a firm believer in good stories make good stories and bad stories make bad stories. Just because something didn't originate from the manga doesn't automatically mean it's terrible.

    Especially Bleach a show that actually has quite a good track record of having enjoyable filler as long as one is being open-minded and not being hard-nosed about adaptation liberties.

  2. I don't mind the fillers either and yes, Digimon Xros Wars is awesome.

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