Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3rd Villain Rumor for Goseiger!

-The third set of villains after the fall of Yuumajyu will be called the "Dai Juu Ji Kuro Shougun" (Number 10 Character Black Star Army)

-They are made up of:

Jikuu Injya no Bure . Dran - Buredoran's new form, in the motif of a Black Dragon. His arcana is The Hermit.

Heikou Sekai no Wan . Ze - has the Arcana of The World. Name is based on "The One".

Kyuukyoku Koutei Rasu . Perar - has the Arcana of The Emperor. Name is based on "The Last Emperor."

-The new baddies originate from the sea of an alternate dimension. Through the power of the Elrei Seal that Buredoran gets from Makuin, he is able to seal a barrier placed on the Earth by Master Head, protecting it from any further invasion; this barrier was created at the time of WarStar's attack.

-The new enemies' motifs, along with keeping the movie titles theme, is based on the Arcana of Tarot Cards. While all the enemies have an Arcana motif, not all the Arcana represent enemies. The Arcana of stars seem to represent the Goseiger themselves.

-The movie titles theme may be one of Asian based/created cinema

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