Friday, August 6, 2010

New Power Rangers Cast, confirmed!

The cast for Saban's Shinkenger adaption has been confirmed!:

From left ot right:
Alex Heartman as Reese/Red Ranger
Hector David Jr. as Parry/Green Ranger
Najee De-Tiege as Baron/Blue Ranger
Erika Fong as Sadie/Pink Ranger
Brittany Anne Pirtle as Ava/Yellow Ranger
Steven Skyler as Wesley/Gold Ranger

With Power Rangers on its way back, and all the love its recieving from people, and even non- fans, alike, it's a very good time to be a ranger fan. More news as it comes!
-Dukemon out, thanks to Rangerboard for the info:)


  1. It's a good news for all Power Rangers fans in the world!!! I just hope the toyline esp. the figures will return back to 5.5" in height instead of the MMPR 4".

  2. thanks for the info.

    well, at least we can wait for a battlerized version of shinkenred. :3