Monday, November 30, 2015

Juuouger Mercandise/Toy List (Rumor)

Please see below for the rumored toy list for Juuouger; grains of salt please:


Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger Sentai Hero Series 1-5
Price- 800 yen each
Description- Sofubi figure for all 5 Juuouger

Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger Punch Fighter
Price- 2,400 yen
Description- blow up punching bag (as per every year)

Kyarrachi! Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger
Price- 1,800 yen
Description- Apparel for Juuouger (non-toy related, likely a wrist watch)

Henshin Choujuu DX Ocarinas (Transformation Wildlife DX Ocarinas)
Price- 4,980 yen
Description- Henshin device, possibly for the first 3 rangers. "Choujuu" with the characters used, means "wildlife". Separately, the characters are "bird" and "beast." Seems to be an Ocarina (like Link
uses from Zelda.)

Zangeki Inu GittaGuitar (Slashing Dog GittaGuitar)
Price- 4,000 yen
Description- Apparently, a guitar/sword weapon in the motif of a Dog. Likely the team weapon. Like the transformation device, it is a musical instrument.

Oukan Dash DX Buckle Monkey (Crown Dash DX Buckle Monkey)
Price- 2,500 yen
Description- Belt Buckle for the Juuouger. Will hold this year's collectibles, called "JuuouKan", or "Beast Crowns." In the motif of a monkey.

King Animal Series 01-02 Doubutsu Gattai DX Juuoujin & KingTiger Set
Price- Undecided
Description- Apparently, a set of four mecha. The core 3 forming Juuoujin, with KingTiger belonging to the 4th ranger.

Doubutsu Sentai Juuouger Dream Safari Board Game
Price- 3,980 yen
Description- Unknown, though likely unrelated to the main toy line, and just a board game of some kind.

JuuouKan Set 01
Price- 750 yen
Description- First set of JuuouKan

King Animal Series 03 KingRhinos
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- 5th King Animal released. Likely for the 5th ranger.

King Animal Series 01-03 Doubutsu Gattai DX ChouJuuoujin
Price- Undecided
Description- Combination of all 5 ranger mecha. The Super Combo for this year.


King Animal Series 04 KingGorilla
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- Gorilla Type Auxiliary Mecha

King Animal Series 05 KingGator
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- Alligator Type Auxiliary Mecha

JuuouKan Set 02
Price- 750 yen
Description- Second set of JuuouKan

Henshin DenHane ZubatPhone (Transformation Electric Wing ZubatPhone)
Price- 4,980 yen
Description- Apparently the henshin device for the 4th and 5th Juuouger

Juuouger Narikiri Buki Set  (Juuouger Personal Roleplay Weapons set)
Price- 3,800 yen
Descriptions- Apparently a set of indivdual weapons for the rangers

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