Thursday, December 3, 2015

JuuOuGer toy list- Previous Toy List False, New List below! A 6 MEMBER TEAM!

Team is apparently a 6 member set-up. Colors are supposedly per the original rumor- Red is Eagle, Blue is Shark, Yellow is Lion, Green is Elephant, White is Tiger. Gorilla will be Black.

Releasing in February:

JuuOhCube 1 2 3 Doubutsu Gattai DX JuuOhKing
(Combined from CubeEagle, CubeShark and CubeLion)

JuuOh Cube Weapon Doubutsu Buki CubeKirin
(Giraffe weapon)

DX JuuOhChanger

DX JuuOhBuster

DX EagRiser

Sentai Hero Series:

Rangers 1-5 (JuuOhEagle, JuuOhShark, JuuOhLion, JuuOhElephant, JuuOhTiger, JuuOhGorilla)

Releasing in March:

JuuOhCube 4 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeElephant

JuuOhCube 5 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeTiger

JuuOhCube Mini Series
(JuuOuEagle w/Cube Eagle, JuuOhShark figure w/CubeShark, JuuOhLion figure w/CubeLion

JuuOhEagle and JuuOhGorilla Mask Set

JuuOhEagle and JuuOhGorilla Narikiri Sets

Super Sentai Hero Series 06 JuuOhGorilla

Releasing in April:
JuuOhCube 6 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeGorilla

JuuOhCube 4 5 6 Doubutsu Gattai JuuOhWild Set
(Combination of Elephant, Tiger and Gorilla)
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