Saturday, November 28, 2015

Current Juuouger Rumor Summary

As next week is the schedule Bandai meeting for wholesalers, I thought now would be a good time to summarize the rumors so far. As always PLEASE TAKE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT:

-Team will be 3+2

-Red will be an eagle, Yellow a lion, Blue a shark, Green an Elephant, White a Tiger. Blue and White will be female.

-Main robot will be composed of the 5 animal mecha, and a central core robot which will use the animals as armor. The idea of the series is "people using the power of animals."

-The series mecha will be animals, but have a "consumer appliance" motif.

-The helmets will have a "footprint" motif. 

-The design has been remarked as "cool meets corny." The helmets are intricately designed, whereas the torso is  fairly plain, except with an animal head design in the center. It has the appearence of a t-shirt.

-Early TerebiKun spoilers were posted by one 2ch user. The tagline used is as follows:
"Konna Hero Mitakotonai", "We've never seen heroes like these before!" The designs seem
to be closer to Kamen Rider than usual. A "four pointed" mask was noted.

Stay tuned for more rumors, and confirmed information/pics!


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