Saturday, December 25, 2010

Goukaiger Character Names + OOO Spoilers

Goukaiger Character Names:

GoukaiRed- Captain Marvelous

GoukaiBlue- Joe Gibuken

GoukaiGreen- Don Dokkoiya

GoukaiPink- Aimu Do Famiyu (I'm the Famille- pronounced Famiy)

GoukaiYellow- Luka Milfy


- Koukawani Combo will not appear in the TV series. It seems to be a special form OOO will get in the Summer movie. (Granted, movie only forms are rarely seen only once any more, but I digress)

-The 3rd Rider will utilize "Un-Combo" forms. They seem to be animals that are opposites to each other. The rider's man form will be using the Ari (Aunt) Medal and Ushi (Buffalo) Medal. When changing forms, the rider's externals do not change, but clear parts over his armor change patterns, and the rider only has 2-medal based form. One medal for the upper body, one for the lower body. The belt's voice seems to be a woman, in English.

-"Anffalo Combo", (Ari + Ushi) incredibly strong, and able to oppose Gatakiriba, is the main form. He also has "Anzelle" Combo (Ari + Gazelle) which can oppose Tatoba Combo.

-OOO's final form will be based around the Dinosaur Core Medals. The combo will have two forms, one as a normal rider, and one known as "Complete Full Body" which will be something animated in CG. It's possible OOO actually grows into some kind of monster/dinosaur form.


  1. I have a better idea for the goukaiger character names:

    Red-Shuji Tatsumi
    Blue-Naoto Suzuki
    Green-Yuki Misaki
    Yellow-Reiko Kimura
    Pink-Akiko Oshiba

  2. Man, I can't believe these are the characters names...I was watching the opening when I saw something weird on Goukai Pink's name in katakana and I decided to search their names. How will children say her name? LOL