Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rumor: GoseiKnight's Robo, GoseiGrand, GoseiWonder

GoseiWonder, the creative remodeling of GoseiDragon and its combine with the other core machines.
New Toy Catalogue info:

DX Tensou Gattai GoseiGrand
Releases in- July
Price- 6,800 yen

GoseiGrandeon (Lion-motif, Black Armored Vehicle), GoseiSealeon (Lion-motif, Blue battleship), and GoseiSkyleon (Lion-motif, Red-Fighter/Rocketship) combine into GoseiGrand. Grandeon forms most of the bot, with Sealeon and Skyleon forming the legs/feet. Can combine with GoseiGreat to form Grand GoseiGreat.

The Grandeon Headder is transformed from GoseiKnight. This Headder has a four step transformation. Transforms from GoseiKnight to GrandeonHeadder, then to the Head of GoseiGrand, and then the Head of Grand GoseiGreat.

Grand GoseiGreat is formed by the following:

Grand's arms, formed from Grandeon, are attached under Great's feet as clogs. The rest of Grandeon attaches on top of GoseiGreat's body to make the new chest, increasing the height massively. Sealeon and Skyleon become the new arms. Shark and Pheonix attach on top of sealeon and skyleon to make shoulders. The Snake and Tiger Headders attach to the sides of the arms just under that. DragonHeadder moves up to attach to the new chest.

DX Tensou Gattai GoseiWonder:
Releases in- August
Price- 5,000 yen

A recolor mecha for the movie. However it is something a bit different from past recolors. The main mecha sold with the set is a blue recolor of GoseiDragon, except with a new Headder- the Bird Headder. The other Headders in the set include:

Wani Headder (Black Crocodile)

Zou Headder (Yellow Elephant)

Iruka Headder (Blue Dolphin)

Kabuto Headder (White/Tea-colored Beetle)

To form GoseiWonder, GoseiBird (temp) a remodeled blue GoseiDragon utilizes the other 4 core mecha (GoseiPhoenix, Snake, Tiger and Shark) and replaces their Headders with these new ones, color coded of course. Instead of a sword, Bird's tail forms a giant axe weapon.

Price- 6,000 yen
Release- N/A

Transforms the Goseiger into SuperGoseiger. Seems to control/imimate Grand GoseiGreat's weaponry/finisher. One side is a sword, and the other is a gem/dome. The Headders can be stored in this dome, and can spin and shine. The Tensouder is stored at the front of the grip.

Super Goseiger (SH figs):

The Super Goseiger have golden armor on their shoulders, arm and chest, forming a Saint Cross. The chest designs emulate the Headders.


  1. I love those little fan versions of the mech. But now I need a new animal for my fan character.