Monday, April 5, 2010

New Digimon Series

Revealed through Gashapon, the series is currently labeled as "New Digimon Animation", but the title is obviously temporary. We know the following:
-There will be a goggle boy, pictured there. He is not confirmed as the only Tamer, and I expect more. Even if we are in for a "V-Tamer" situation, I still expect more human characters to show up.
-The lead digimon include:
Shoutmon (the red dino in the headphones).
Dorurumon (The horned tiger/lion)
Baristamon (The Beetle)
Greymon (a blue version, meaning virus. His look has been updated as well. Looking at the sillouhette pic, he has a tail-axe, and seems to be the villain, at least to start, for the series.)
Monitormon (The TV-Set)
-Shoutmon is able to combine with the other digimon to form the Omegamon-esque, Shoutmon X4 (Cross 4), and in super-robot tradition, I expect for there to be many more combinations. The mascot characters (The Star w/shades and the other little dudes) form its sword, which I like, a lot.
-The series, much like Ganbaride and Dice-Oh, will have a gaming component. These figures can link up to Bandai's "AR Colliseum" allowing for you to battle your friends with your action figures. I assume the digivices this year will also utilize these figures in some way.
-The only unexplained digimon is the bunny-type riding on top of Dorurumon. Possible partner digimon for another tamer?
I would propose that the digimon "gattai" situation is not done for fun and marketing only. If I had to guess, there's probably an adventure-02 problem where the digimon cannot evolve on their own, and thus, need to combine to evolve further. While Shoutmon and Baristamon look to be child level, Dorurumon certainly does not, but I guess that could just be a misconception. It'd be interesting if the gattai was at the Adult Level though.

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