Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Kamen Rider Info and Fan Pics

Given the cat-emblem, the above is probably Field Form.

New Rider's Blank/Base Form.

The "Bird Form" of the new rider.

The rider's new belt. On one side is the "Medal Holder" which stores the Medals (6 medals can be stored at a time.) The other side of the belt has the "Medal Scanner". Its purpose is unknown, but if I had to guess, it's probably similar to Maximum Drive, where a medal is used to activate a finisher. The 3 corresponding Medals for each form seem to be inserted into the belt, and then the buckle is spun.

-The 2010 rider will change forms via medals. These forms will be represented with different groups of animals. There are 3 medals in each group changing the head, torso/arms, and legs of the rider. The medals are distinguised via lines. 1-lined medals change the head, 2-lined medals change the body/arms, and 3-lined medals change the feet.

-One of his base forms, pictured above, is "Field Form", represented by Lion, Tiger and Cheetah

-Insect Form is composed of a Stag Beetle, Mantis and Butterfly

-A Bird Form is also available

-Eyes are green in "Bird Form", blue in "Field Form", and red in "Insect Form". While Bird Form and Field Form are aesthetically similar, Insect Form actually differs greatly, with protruding horns out of the helmet. Eyes are Red, with a green base color.

-Belt has a signal display

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