Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Kyouryuger Scans (More Batteries, KyouryuCyan, Ankydon!)

 The ZyuDen Arms unite into the KentroSpiker!

 Ramirez, aka KyouryuCyan. He was chosen by Ankydon 500 years ago to be the "Brave of Steel." He appears in the present to grant the current Kyouryuger Ankydon's power. Ankydon then can combine with Kyouryujin to form Kyouryujin Macho.

 The Deino Chasers appear! Red using Allomeras, Green using Toperanda.

 KentroSpiker explanation.
 Another shot of KyouryuCyan/Ramirez.

 More DeinoChaser fun.
 Some new battery powers! KentroSpiker can be utilized by the Gaburivolver to perform the "KentroSpikerBeam."

Stymero seems to emit a sort of smoke (possibly one to make the enemies fall in love with the user; meromero meaning to fall in love.)

Allomeras emits a fire blast attack. (Meramera meaning to "Burst into flames".)

Green will be able to utilize Parasagun's power in his sword, for a cool looking combo attack.

Toperanda can give fluency (perapera) to the user itself (note Pink's stretchy legs) or the user's weapon (giving Green a bendy sword.)

Iguranadon's battery emits a "tickling attack" (Kusuguri Kougeki)

 Various Kyouryujin Combinations (Western, Macho and Stegotchi Zactor)

 Kyouryujin VS Baddies.
 KyouryuGold teaser pic.
 KyouryuRed and Wizard teaming up against Mado's Radar. Also, some Metal Heroes show up to help!

 Wizard, Gavan Type G and KyouRed, ready to fight!

 Green on DeinoChaser.
 KentroSpiker, and the various ZyuDen Arms.

 The Kyouryuger utilizing their ZyuDen arms in "Armed On" mode.

Gavan VS Space IkaDevil.

Also, the following episode titles were posted in the magazine:

Brave 3:
Title- Areruze! Zangeki no Brave (Get Wild! Slashing Brave)
Airs- 3/3/13

Brave 4:
Title- Uchinuke! Yuuki no Gaburivolver (Strike! The Gaburivolver of Courage)
Airs- 3/10/13

Brave 5:
Title- Dogoun! Mutsuba no Ankydon (Dogoun! Ankydon the 6th)
Airs- 3/17/13

Brave 6:
Title- Stoppu! Utau Candelila (Stop! Candelila Sings)
Airs- 3/24/13

Brave 7:
Title- Ikare! Daigo no Dai Pinchi (Get Angry! Daigo's Big Pinch)

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