Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Kyouryuger Catalogue Pics

Pics are brought to us by toyworld hk, and the bigger pics with better contrast were bought to us by Cosmo773 of Rangerboard. Thanks to all for their help, the new stuff is awesome:

Kaminari Henkei DX PteraiDenOh:
KyouryuGold's personal robot, which transforms from his ZyuDenRyu Partner, Pteragoudon. Can combine with Parasagun and Zactor to form PteraiDenOh Western, as well as combining with Kyouryujin to form RaidenKyouryujin. Comes with ZyuDenChi #6 Pteragoudon.

ZyuDenRyu Series 04 Bunpachy:
The next in the ZyuDenRyu Series, based after a Pachycephalosaurus. It can combine with Gabutyra and Ankydon to form Kyouryujin Kung Fu! Includes ZyuDenChi #8 Bunpachy.

Hero Series 06 KyouRyuGold
The DX FangShot and ShieldLanSlasher Sets. The FangShot is composed of the GabutyraFang, and the ParasaShot. The ShieldLanSlasher is composed of the StegoShield, ZactorSlasher, DriceraLance. All 5 weapons can combine into the KentroSpiker, powered by ZyuDenChi KentroSpiker; included in the ShieldLanSlasher Set.
GaburiChanger, KyouryuGold's henshin device. It also acts as a blade weapon, and a gun/bow type weapon. It can be joined with the ZandarThunder sword to perform a finishing move. Includes a ZyuDenChi #6 Pteragoudon.

The ZandarThunder, KyouryuGold's persnal weapon. Can hold up to 3 ZyuDenChi, the varying number causes different sound effects. Comes with ZyuDenChi #23 Futabain.

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  1. Thank you for the info; the Pteranodon mecha reminds me of Killeroh.
    btw, I'd like to thank you for all the info you're giving us about toku, especially sentai; I like a lot reading your posts on rangerboard
    Btw, if I'm not wrong you're an Abaranger fan; I've written a detailed Abaranger review in that blog:
    maybe you're gonna find it interesting