Friday, December 14, 2012

Kyouryuger Cast Rumors

Above is a picture of the current rumored cast. First up, it's likely that the names of the characters are going to reference Jurassic Park.

We already know that Saito Syuusuke will be playing Ian/KyouryuuBlack.

Dinosaurs. Ian. I see what you did there Toei.

Also, some things from 2ch:

-Posters have been theorizing that the "Western" and "Macho" forms of Kyouryuujin are already examples of the multicultural cast. We may even be looking at a Battle Fever J type situation.

Beyond that, Mr. Nicholas Edwards was mentioned:

Nicholas (or Nyk) is a model and actor. He's also American, and can speak Japanese. So, there's that. You can see him featured in this Card Fight Vanguard commercial:

It's been proposed Nyk is playing KyouryuuGreen, but has also been rumored for KyouryuuBlue, who has no rumored actor at this time.

And, Ryusei Ryo also had a suspicious blog post:

Ryo is rumored to play KyouryuuRed.

 Newly added to the rumors is Maeda Nozomi:

Our Rumored KyouryuuPink.

More info as it comes.

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  1. I hope your right i am lovin Red and Pink :D !

    Thank you :)!