Friday, December 7, 2012


 The GabuRevolver, the Kyouryuger's henshin device and gun weapon. The toy comes with another JyuDenChi 01 (GabuTyra) and JyuDenChi 14 (Stymero). Stymero is a Styracosaurus- no word on if it will see a mecha form, or just act as a battery. 

The Kyouryuger's sword- GaburiCaliber. It comes with JyuDenChi 15 (Allomeras). Allomeras is an Allosaurus- no word on if it will get a mecha form, or remain a battery. Both the GabuRevolver and GaburiCaliber can combine into the Gaburu Cannon. A Gaburur Cannon DX Set will be sold; including all 3 Batteries for the 2 weapons. 

The Kyouryuger, a strong group of 5 dinosaur based heroes who fight with a samba flare! The Kyouryuger transform and power their arsenal with "JyuDenChi" (Beast Batteries.) To "Kyouryu Change!" into Kyouryuger, one merely needs to place his personal JyuDenChi into the GabuRevolver; a dinosaur-esque gun. Besides the Revolver, the Kyouryuger also have use of the  GaburiCaliber, a sword weapon. 2 batteries can be placed in the Revolver to form a finishing move; same goes for the Caliber.

The mecha partners this year are dino mechs known as "JyuDenRyu." (Lit. Beast Electricity Dragons.) When a ranger throws their partner's battery into it's mouth, the JyuDenRyu activates. (GabuTyra's feathers raise; Stegocchi has a giant spike raise from his back; Dorikera tails extends/possibly moves; Zactor's tail separates into a 3-toed-claw; Parasagan's tail opens to reveal a gun; Ankydon's back flips out creating a long hammer-tail weapon.)

The JyuDenRyu can perform "Kamitsuki Gattai" (Biting Union) to form Kyouryujin, in it's many forms. The JyuDenChi utilize a host of different sound are extremely play-worthy. Warning: There is likely a lot more mecha to come!

DX Kamitsuki Gattai Kyouryujin (DX Biting Union Kyouryuujin) Formed from GabuTyra, Stegocchi, and Dorikera, comes with their JyuDenChi (Beast Batteries.)Comes with JyuDenChi 01 (GabuTyra), 03 (Stegocchi), and 05 (Dorikera.)

JyuDenChi Series 01 Zactor:
KyouryuGreen's partner dino. Can swap out in place of Dorikera. GabTyranno, it, and Parsagan form Kyouryujin Western! Comes with JyuDenChi 04 (Zactor).

JyuDenChi Series 02 Parasagan:
KyouryuBlack's partner dino. Can swap out in place of Stegocchi. GabTyranno, it, and Zactor form Kyouryujin Western! Comes with JyuDenChi 02 (Parasagan)

DinoChaser and KyouRyuRed Set:
A bike formed from twin raptor like dinos. Comes with the JyuDenChi 06 (DinoChaser).

 JyuDenChi Series 03 Ankydon:
An auxiliary mecha with a hammer tail. Swaps out with Stegocchi to form Kyouryuujin Macho! Comes with JyuDenChi 07 (Ankydon)

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