Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Kyoryuger Rumor

Off the heels of the last rumor (which was very traditional) comes another rumor that's different, and a lot more detailed. Sort of mix of things we've had so far:

-Poster on 2ch claims the following comes from a quick glance at a flier/postcard referencing Kyoryuuger. As such, the descriptions may be slightly innacurate, but I always like to give the benefit of the doubt, and of course TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT

-The poster only saw the suits and logo

-The logo is normal, but the text is hard to describe. There is no shadowed text (no kanji under the title, like Zyuranger or Goseiger.)

-The suits have returned to pre-Gokaiger style

-Helmet and Visor are similar to Go-Busters i.e. Visors/Goggles are colored. However, a part of the visor is bi-sected with a lighting bolt-type symbol, giving the visors an assymetrical quality; there is no visible mouthpiece

-The chest portion of the suit is emblazend in gold, with black diamond shapes. The chest designs form different "fossils", as follows:

Red- Tyrannosaurus
Yellow- Sanyouchuu (Trilobite)
Green- Ammonite
Blue- A kind of fish (possibly a Coelacanth)
Pink- A bird (probably Shisochuu/Archaeopteryx)

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