Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And More Kyoryuger Rumors!

-Rangers are to be colored as follows:

Red (Tyrannosaurus)- Male

Blue (Triceratops)- Male

Green (Stegosaurus)- Male

Yellow (Dino Unknown)- Female

White (Dino Uknown)- Female

It is assumed that one of the girls will have a Pteranodon, as to not step on tradition. Also, the girls will have skirts on their outfits.

-Red's mask looks similar to TyrannoRanger's. No surprise here, as AbaRed's mask followed the same basic pattern as well

-The rangers were pictured holding a Battery-like item in one hand, with a remote like device in the other. The Remote is thought to be the henshin device, whereas the Batteries will be the collectible item of this show

-The rangers were also holding various other items/weapons, but the poster only got a good look at red

-The robot will be composed of dinos with a train motif. It is said to resemble Travelion.

Please take all of this with a BIG GRAIN OF SALT.

More as it comes out.

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  1. I'm just curious, where did u hear about this?