Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[RUMOR] New Go-Kaiger Rumors

One, until I hear otherwise, I am going to romanize Goukaiger, as Go-Kaiger. This is just based on the spelling of the katana, and it's likeness to Go-onger. That said, here are the latest rumors:

-The series will have definite influence from One Piece.

-Our heroes are humans from another dimension, who can use something like "Ki". The setup is described as Gingaman-poi (i.e. Gingaman-ish)

-Our main robot is composed of a "mothership" in the form of a Pirate Ship (forms the main body), with 4 animals forming the arms and legs respectively.

-One of the bad guys will probably wear an eye patch

-One of the bad guys has a hook on his right hand, in the fashion of Captain Hook

-Bandanas are worked into the helmet designs for the rangers

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