Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our GoukaiRed?

Please take with a grain of salt, we've been fooled before:


  1. Not a big fan of this design (real or fake it may be). But I do love and hope they bring back the raised collar =)

  2. I dont believe this is gokiager or fanart.I think I believe it looks like the posible power rangers megaforce ranger suit crossover because looks it incorperates both gosienger and gokaiger looks because saban did said that megaforce will be aptation of of both shows with gosienger looks and style with gokaiger mixed in but then again someone posted that the are now going to be gokaigers not goseinger but with gosienger colors but really they all could really be throwing us off with info about the possible different suits until we find out what really the suits look like with a all new original saban power rangers desigin but then again I could be wrong and this could just a gokiager prototype costume design.