Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kamen Rider Regulus? (Possibly the new Kamen Rider Series)

-A rumor popped up stating the name "Kamen Rider Regulus"

-"Regulus" is one of the brightest stars in the constellation Leo

-The next Kamen Rider Series rumors noted that the motif would be constellation based, and there would be a total of 13 riders

These actors names were shown with the rumor:

-Matsushima Shota:

-Yanagishita Tomo:

-Tano Asami:

My gut tells me he would be Lion Based, but that wasn't mentioned as of yet.


  1. Having 13 riders again like Kamen Rider Ryuki would be awesome, especially with the constellations.

  2. the new kamen rider ???
    Kamen Rider of 2011 should make a special appearance in the next Double film Kamen Rider of this summer (In August with Goseiger, as usual).

    In passage standing out of future :

    Kamen Rider Aldebaran (Bull) -> Taurus Zodiac
    Kamen Rider Antares (Scorpion) -> Scorpio zodiac
    Kamen Rider Beaver/Kamen Rider Pollux (Geminis) -> Gemini Zodiac

  3. :) I'm getting a saint seiya vibe from this.