Monday, March 15, 2010

GoseiMic Revealed!

Pic of mic from the catalogue. Definitely part of the main toyline, but for some reason, it got excluded from the initial upload of said pictures.

Here it is, the GoseiMic. Not sure if this is a toy that will be seen in the show actually, as it didn't make it into the toy catalogue, even though it comes out in April, but, here's the specs:

-The Mic is meant to sing-a-long with the Goseiger songs (specifically the ending, but the opening, as well as nursery rhymes too)

-A tambourine is featured to keep time. The tambourine changes based on the song

-The voice of the GoseiMic changes, based on what GoseiHeadder you attach

-Included with the Mic is the King Voice Headder, as well as the Sky Dynamic (Red) card.