Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Power Rangers Premier Countdown: 17th Place goes to...

Power Rangers Zeo Episode 12: Instrument of Destruction

Why is this episode one of the best?

Honestly, if we were only ranking episodes from Power Rangers Zeo, this probably wouldn't score too highly, but as we're doing all episodes, here's my argument.

Instrument of Destruction employs a tool that I am quite fond of in cinema and television- utilizing music that is off-genre to make the scenes that much more powerful. The piano melody used throughout the episode ties together all the fight scenes nicely, and offers up a really nice contrast to the usual Power Rangers background tunes.

I think what really pushes this episode to the top is the way it portrays Skull (as the mystery pianist) and his fear that his best friend, Bulk will make fun of him for his love of classical music. It's probably the most real moment we get with the duo until In Space, and it really shows that they've benefited as characters from their long duration with the material.

So in short- if you identify as I do with being a musician, and happen to love Bulk and Skull as well, this episode is probably going to be one of your favorites. If you're not, and you don't....well look below.

Why is the episode not higher on the list?

If it weren't for Bulk and Skull and the musical choices....this episode isn't really all that strong. The reasoning for the bad guys to kidnap Skull (It's Queen Machina's birthday and King Mondo wants to get her a personal musician) is not only ludicrous, but also nowhere near developed enough for you to suspend your disbelief as an audience member.

There's also a lot wrong with the story of this episode. Bulk and Skull are seen in school again, close to their regular clothing...but at this point they've already been junior police officers (and I believe are now detectives.) While it's not exactly a problem for them to still attend school, it just feels really weird for them to be there.

This is also one of the only episodes in the show where Adam gets some real character work, and that's great, but it comes from a teacher deciding that he needs to be more well rounded. Has she watched this show? How many fundraisers, school events, cultural fairs, and community outreach program do these kids have to do in Angel Grove to be well rounded?

How does this episode possibly influence the movie?

Besides having an amazing main cast, made up of All-Stars and newcomers alike, the Power Rangers movie is also sporting a great supporting cast made up from a lot of well known (if lesser known) actors. Bulk and Skull were always the back bone of the show right up through Power Rangers in Space, and we can only hope that the background characters in the movie are as well developed as they are. And hey...we're all still hoping that they somehow make it into this movie right?


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