Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trademarks listed for new Pokemon, including new box legendaries

Copyright information has gone up for what appears to be new pokemon.
Please take with a grain of salt until we have confirmation.

Let's start with the Legendaries, whose trademarks are pictured above:

-Sun Legendary will be called Solgaleo. The name sounds like it'll be a Lion, as well as mixing in Galileo and Sol, for sun.

-Moon Legendary will be called Lunaala. (Pronounced Luna-aala). Rocky505 of rangerboard has informed me that "ala" is wing in Spanish, and Japanese message boarders have been assuming the mon to be a bat.

-Maashadow was listed as well, and is likely the third in this legendary's trio. (An Eclipse pokemon, perhaps.)

-Gigareki was listed, but no other info can be gleamed from the name

The three remaining trademarks are thought to be the generation's start pokemon:

Mokurou- Tree Owl

Nyabii- Fire Cat

Ashimari- Water Seal 

Please note that the below images were thought to be fake for a long time, and are likely not true. However, they do sort of work with the starter names above, and could possibly represent artwork created after seeing official artwork (like we sometimes get with Sentai/Rider leaks.):

Stay tuned for more.

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