Saturday, September 7, 2013

2014 Sentai Revealed? (Maybe, we'll see) RUMOR!

Rumor as of now is that the 2014 Sentai will be titled 戦艦戦隊ゴーノバ "Senkan Sentai Gounova" (Battleship Taskforce Gounova)


A picture is floating around, like every year, of rumored casting. The text on the bottom shows copyright like
numbers, but I haven't been able to locate the actual copyright:

As many Toei fans will know, it has often been the case that Toei has named/designed some of their Sentai series around blockbuster films. As the remake for Captain Harlock just released here in Japan, it wouldn't surprise me in the least, assuming this title is true, that it would be a nod to Harlock. 


-Found some new rumors that may indicate the mecha/collectibles this year will be a nod to Hurricanger. (celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year.) Gachapon-type collectible items are expected to be released, and the main robot will have a "mecha ejection" motif built into its chest, like Hurricanger's Karakuri System. As always, grains of salt. 


  1. LOL, what an idiot. It's still too soon for rumors.

    1. Actually, if you follow rumor cycles, this point in September is usually when the initial rumors start popping up. However, nine times out of ten the ones that pop up now never pan out. As for this one, I'd say it goes in the "not panning out" category. Since there isn't a copyright that kinda speaks volumes. Not to mention the fact that if it is a Harlock homage, it's kinda early to do a space pirate themed series, since the last space pirate themed series ended a year and a half ago.