Friday, February 3, 2012


-GoBusterOh will use the Super 1 and Super 3 Switch. Because Bandai wants your money.

-OOO Key Set, Hurricanger Key Set, Boukenger Key Set, Dekaranger Key Set, Gekiranger Key Set, Go-Buster Key Set 2 (Beet, Stag, New Buddy)

-A new, human character, transforms into the gold BeetBuster, while a new, Buddyroid, transforms into the silver StagBuster.

-The duo transforms via the MorphinBlaster, a cell phone-to-gun weapon

-The weapon of choice is the "DriBlade", a gold-and-silver sword that can turn into a steering wheel for the cockpit

-A special Transpod will be released for the two new busters

-Mecha are sillouhetted, beetle and stag types. Look to combine with Ace, or BusterOh

1 comment:

  1. So Fourze can use a couple switches to upgrade the GoBuster's megazord?