Thursday, January 26, 2012

New TV Mag/Kun Images (Includes Hero Taisen!!!)

Gokaiger VS Basco, the final stand
The Greatest Treasure has been collected. The Gokaiger gots to be moving on down the road of space. In the words of a great anime character, "Later Space Cowboy!"

The Gokaiger are taking it to Zangyack! The rangers vs Basco, Joe vs Dairandoh, Marvelous and Gai storm the Gigant Horse to fight Akudos...and....could it be? Are Aihm and Luka piloting ShinkenGokaiOh against Insaarn's own robot, GreatInsaarn?! Chances are high.
The Gokaiger are going to war against Akudos! A mysterious door has opened, the powers of the 34 Super Sentai have brought forth...the Tri-Force?! Nope, it's the Greatest Treasure in the universe, and sounds something like the Zero-Point Field.
To fight a Megazord, the Go-Busters call on their own Megazord, Go-Buster Ace! Go-Buster Ace is fueled by Enetron.With his finishing sword, the enemy is "SHUTDOWN" (may be the name of the attack). The sword has a GunSword mode too, where it can fire Enetron.
A description of the BuddyRoid transformations. The "Chou Machine System" was developed to combat the MegaZords!
The Busters and their BuddyRoids. Chida carrying a Busters Set (composed of MorphinBrace, Transpod, uniform, and manual) Faiz anyone?
Also, Enter seems to create the monsters via data cards, called MetaVirus Cards. By inserting the cards into machinery, he creates Droids, called MetaRoids. The MetaRoids can be powered up and grow into giant form, called MegaZords (yeah, it says megazords, suck it!) For example, the MetaRoid ShovelRoid, becomes the MegaZord, ShovelZord.
More shots of the Buster Gear in action. Looks like Red has some sort of switch on his legs.
The Go-Busters, with their super-power skill sets, are known as "Tokumei Senshi" and wield "Buster Power". Red's is "Cho Speed", giving him teleportation-like speed, Blue's is Arm Power, giving his arms Super Strength, and Yellow's is Foot Power, giving her heightened jumping capabilities (Cheetah, Gorilla, Rabbit powers, essentially)
Our Go-Busters- Hiromu, Ryuuji and Youko
The Henshin Call?! It's Morphin Time! (Morph) Let's Morph in! (Glasses up) Busters Ready Go! (Butt Kicking Time)

Buster Gear, and a reveal that the Go-Busters have a 3-member support staff! On the team are Miho, Takeshi and Tooru. Also, Koichi apparently has something to do with this show, because Hiromu is Ranger-biking it.
Go-Buster Ace....he'll mess you up.
Buster Vehicle CB-01 Cheetah (BusterMachine/BusterAnimal Modes)
The Vaagras- Enter, BurnerRoid, ShovelRoid, NiidoRoid, and the Bugler minions
Go-Busters VS Vaagras
A Enertron-holding tower, and RedBuster to the rescue!
The Go-Busters and BuddyRoids! The glasses come off!
Tsukasa (in DaiShocker clothes) leading an army of Rider villains? Marvelous leading an army of sentai villains? The Go-Busters and Fourze teaming up!
RIDERS VS SENTAI! Marvelous VS Tsukasa!

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