Monday, October 11, 2010

OOO Rumors and Info


-2nd rider is created by Kougami "improving upon" the OOO Driver

-Both the feet and hands of the rider have "holes" where it seems Cell Medals can be inserted.

-The rider's hand actual transforms into his own "ArmsScanner" which acts like OOO's

-Has capsules which give it weaponry, including "Shovel Arm, Crane Arm, Drill Arm, Caterpillar Leg, Cutter Wing, and the OOO Cannon. These capsules seem to act, or be part of, Birth's candroids.


The above link was posted on cowspot. It does not work, but that means it might have been pulled, or is blocked. I'm doing further searching for it now. Apparently, the link reveals info on the 2nd Rider's henshin gun:

"The 2nd Rider's Transformation Gun. Comes with 3 Core Medals, when inserted into the gun, the rider transforms. Can conduct Form Changes, and perform finishing moves by inserting Cell Medals from other toys."

-The name of the 2nd Rider may be Kamen Rider Gill. (referencing much?) He is rumored to make a cameo appearence in the new film.

Rumored combos for this rider are:

Yadokari (Hermit Crab), Kani (Crab), Ebi (Lobster)

Seiuchi (Walrus), Shirokuma (Polar Bear), Penguin

Sasori (Scorpion), Hachi (Bee), Mukade (Centipede)

Shika (Deer), Ushi (Cow), Gazelle


-OOO uses a special Taka Medal to become this form, which appears in the movie first. The Tajadoru in the movie seems to be from a special Taka medal, which is only to be used in the movie. Tajadoru will appear later on with the normal Taka Medal. This form is used alongsde CJGX in the movie to fight Kamen Rider Core.

-Sagouzo will have gravity abilities.


-A researcher named Maki, (played by Kamio Yuu), will appear in the show.

-Sagouzo will appear before the year ends.

-Resulting from Sagouzo, Gameru gains his complete body back, however, he did not truly gain back all the medals, and so his form is incomplete.

-Mezuru absorbs Gameru, becomes gigantic, and runs amock. She seems to be defeated before the year is out.

-Date Koji will play Kamen Rider Birth. However, Goto may eventually get the powers.


-It has been decided that a V-Cinema Production of W will be produced.

-The movie will be in 2 Volumes. The 1st will be about Kamen Rider Accel. It will involve him in a "divorce crisis". A new Dopant will appear, as well as a new Form. The 2nd volume will be about Kamen Rider Eternal. It will chronicle the story of how NEVER is formed.

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