Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Self-Promoting, Me Singing

Here's me singing Butterfly (Strong Version):

and Beat Hit:

Both songs are from Digimon. For best listening quality, I recommend headphones. For some reason, youtube and home computer speakers just aren't a good match.

I'm thinking about what songs I should sing next. Possibly Daybreak's Bell (The Gundam OO First Opening) by L'arc en Ciel, simply because they're awesome. And also maybe the trilogy of Gackt rider songs at some point.

There's also an English version of Goseiger I did:

I have mixed feelings about it lol.

That rumor podcast-esque thing I'm thinking of doing may get recorded soon, as well as some clips of me goofing around voice acting.


  1. the butterfly version is very good, maybe you should keep on singing kouji wada songs. ever tried target? and the goonger op?

  2. I've tried Target, and I'm working on it. I'm sort of on-and-off with Wada songs. I have to be warmed up lol.

    Go-onger I would love to sing. Just have to track down a karaoke of it. Shouldn't be too hard.

  3. well, i just said some musics that are based on your tone. there are plenty of them. there are some pretty easy and fun to sing, like the digimon tamers songs, but there are just too many others to mention, just go for it!