Thursday, May 13, 2010

DX Lost Driver- Kamen Rider Eternal, Kamen Rider Joker

Comes with the Eternal Memory, belonging to the new Rider featured in the August movie (and sillouhetted here) Kamen Rider Eternal- rumored to be silver, and reminscient of G3

Along with Eternal, Shotaro will use the Lost Driver and a Generation T2 Joker Memory to become Kamen Rider Joker.

Heat, Metal, Luna and Trigger Dopants will appear as enemies, and a Cyclone Dopant will appear as an ally. It is rumored that the Cyclone Dopant is actually Philip.


  1. Rofl! Awesome Shotaro is gonna be a rider by himself (: Looking forward to see Heat, Metal, Luna, Trigger and Cyclone Dopant. If Wikipedia was right, they're gonna come out as warrior-like dopants?

  2. I'm not sure why they have to have the lost driver. I made one with one side which I think is ok but oh well. Should be a good movie.

  3. question about T2 Memories, is that "E" Memory is the next generation T2 Memories, if it is, why it does look the same as normal Gaia Memories?

  4. Hmmmm Is Kamen Rider Eternal Evil? lol

    By The Way The "E" memory Looks Like The "Engine" Memory o.O