Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Rider motif

-The new rider, after Double, is rumored to have a constellation motif. What's more, it is rumored to once again be a series that has 13 riders, which I can see as being feasable. If you have each rider based on a constellation, there's 12 right there.

-The new rider is said to appear in the Summer Movie Event of this year. The event is said to be split into 3 seperate features- Goseiger's movie, Double's Movie, and something called "7 Riders", which could be an old-style team up of the riders from say Decade-Double, + the newbie. More rumors as they come.


  1. The 80s called, they want Saint Seiya back. Nah, that actually sounds like it could be pretty cool. We haven't had a big cast in a while.

  2. 12 Constellations,
    12th Rider.

    Kinda like how Double is the eleventh rider, and eleven is two ones, or 11, kinda resembling two people.