Monday, May 25, 2009

Kamen Rider W info

-W has an insect motif, most likely a grasshopper. He resembles Kikaider, in the sense that his right and left sides are differently colored. His right side is red, and his left side is green. Each side has a different character/personality.
-W is transformed from 2 people, who combine to form the rider. Their names are Shotarou and Phillip
-W's henshin device is a USB which is inserted into his belt to transform him. Has a gimmick known as the "Treasure Gaost" which allows him to change forms.
-Has the ability to change forms. These forms are activated by the "Joker Memories". USB keys that activate different forms. 3 of these forms are known as "Luna Joker", "Cyclone Joker" and "Heat Joker".
-Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker is Black and Green in coloring.

-W transforms into Heat Joker in the Decade Movie.
-W has a both a motorcycle and a car.

-W aims to be the "Number 1 Rider" of the Second Half of Hesei Riders.

-Seems to have a relation to ShadowMoon. When Decade is cornered by him in the movie, W shows up to save him
-Keywords having to do with W are "Wind", "2 People" and "Clan"
-Broadcasting is rumored to start on 9/6
-8/15 to 8/23 have been listed as filming dates for the show

-His enemies are much closer to the sentai variety- a group of villains that stay a constant from the beginning of the series

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